ZYX Music

ZYX Music ( ZYX short ) is one of Germany's most successful record labels in the 1980s and 1990s.


ZYX was founded in 1971 by Bernhard Mikulski in the Hessian Merenberg. The to 1992 still "pop- Import Bernhard Mikulski " said company developed into the 1980s into a major independent label for pop and disco productions. Founder Mikulski is said the creation of the term Italo Disco in 1983. Up to the present ZYX is one of the most successful labels, especially in the area lowbrow pop productions off the charts. The label repertoire but was also specifically extended by license purchases to other genres. So ZYX has, inter alia, the rights to numerous Krautrock classics that were originally on cult labels, such as ear, fungus or Cosmic Couriers, appeared.

ZYX has also imported many challenging jazz albums.

ZYX has grown into an international media corporation. In addition to the record label, the company is still the " Musikverlag Bernhard Mikulski ," which was an early contractor for musicians and producers such as Torsten Fenslau, Oliver Lieb and Andreas Tomalla ( Talla 2XLC ) and thus techno and house has strongly supported from Germany operates. In the 1990s, almost all Euro Dance songs were released on ZYX. For the group of companies also includes a record - pressing plant and offices in Austria, Switzerland, Poland, France, England, the USA and the Netherlands.

Since the death of Bernhard Mikulski ( he died of cancer ) in 1997 is the management with his widow Christa Mikulski.

In 2004, a separate DVD division was introduced, grows primarily with film classics and special interest topics. In the same year, a separate audio book publisher was launched, the first devoted to classical literature, but now also brings successful contemporary literature on the market.

Corporate Structure

  • ZYX Music GmbH & Co. KG, Merenberg, Germany MusicGarden Advertising GmbH, Elbe Valley Dorchheim, Germany
  • RM Records -Press GmbH, Merenberg, Germany
  • Bernhard Mikulski music publishing, Merenberg, Germany
  • ZYX Music AG, Risch- Rotkreuz, Switzerland
  • ZYX Records Ltd., London, United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland
  • ZYX Music Distribution Ltd.. , Oceanside, United States
  • ZYX Music Sp z o.o., Niwnica, Poland
  • ZYX Music BV, Oosterhout, Netherlands
  • ECHO ZYX Music Ges.m.b.h, Graz, Austria
  • ZYX Music s.a.r.l., Paris, France
  • Zyx Music Distribution s.r.l., Milan, Italy