Ælfwine of Deira

Ælfwine (also Aelfwine, Elfwine, Aelfuini, Aelfwinus, Aelwinus etc.; * around 661, † 679 ) was 670-679 under King of the dependent Northumbrian Anglo-Saxon kingdom of Deira.



Ælfwines father Oswy was the son of King Æthelfrith from the royal dynasty of Bernicia. His grandmother came from the Acha deirischen royal house. His mother was probably Eanflæd, the third wife of his father, which he had married at 643. In addition to the half-siblings Aldfrith, Ealhfrith and Ealhflæd from previous marriages of his father he had a brother Ecgfrith (* 645/646) as well as the sisters Ælfflæd (c. 654, Abbess of Whitby ) and Osthryth.


Oswiu died on 15 February 670 from an illness and was buried in the St. Peter 's Church of the monastery of Whitby Abbey, in which his widow Eanflæd entered as a nun. Ecgfrith was succeeded as king of Upper Northumbria, during the approximately nine years Ælfwine ruled as subregulus in Deira.

Mid- 670er years, improved the strained relationship with Mercia, as Æthelred ( 674/675-704 ) of Mercia Osthryth, the sister of Ecgfrith and Ælfwine married. Soon after it came to disagreements between the two empires, probably via the possession of the Kingdom of Lindsey, which led to war again. In the year 679 it came on the river Trent to the battle, the victorious Æthelred could decide for themselves .. Ecgfrith Lindsey had ceded to Mercia, but received the intervention of the Archbishop of Canterbury, Theodore of Tarsus, wergild for his brother Ælfwine death, which, was just 18 years old, died in battle. After Ælfwines death sat Ecgfrith no new sub- king in Deira one but put the final unit of Northumbria, whose southern border again the Humber formed, ago. Ælfwine was very popular and was buried with great sympathy of the people in York.