AFA is an abbreviation for:

  • Accumulatoren factory Aktiengesellschaft Berlin -Hagen, Location Berlin, now see BAE batteries, batteries Manufacturers
  • Accumulatoren factory Aktiengesellschaft Berlin -Hagen, Hagen site, now see VARTA Battery Group
  • AFA AG finance services, price agency for financial and insurance matters, Cottbus
  • AFA AG Finance Services, Price Agency in the financial services, Vienna
  • AFA algae Spanalge Green, blue-green algae species as water blooms in lakes and ponds
  • Afghani, Afghan currency, end of 2002, replaced by the new Afghani AFN
  • Academic Forum for Foreign Affairs, Higher Education league for the United Nations established in 1991
  • American Family Association, American, ultra- conservative, evangelical Christian non-profit organization
  • Prescribed American Finance Association, American scientific society, the study and promotion of public finance knowledge
  • Anguilla Football Association, Football Association of Anguilla
  • Anti-Fascist Action, Action alliances against fascism
  • Asociación del Fútbol Argentino, officially the Argentine Football Association
  • Automobile traffic Frutigen -Adelboden AG, Adelboden, Switzerland
  • Automóviles Fernández y Aymerich, former Spanish carmaker

Depreciation is an abbreviation for:

  • Deductions for depreciation, for tax purposes to be determined impairment of fixed assets
  • Supports AIDS relief for Africa, a non-profit club in Osnabrück, the AIDS victims in Uganda
  • File handling system, automatic transport system, initially designed to transport files and mail distribution
  • General free Angestelltenbund, union employees organization in the Weimar Republic
  • Office of Waste Management
  • Working Group for agricultural issues, among others, noble -dominated association of landowners in Lower Saxony ( 1950 )
  • Association was established in 1990 by the dispossessed of the land reform of 1945-49 in the Soviet occupation zone, the largest organization of former owners of real estate DDR

Afa stands for:

  • Ring name of wrestler Arthur Anoa'i

AFA stands for:

  • Augsburg spring exhibition, annual Consumer Fair at the Augsburg fairground
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