Aguascalientes, Aguascalientes

Aguascalientes on the map of Aguascalientes

The city has 722 250 inhabitants and is named for the thermal springs, which are to be found there numerous. She is known by the Feria San Marcos, one of the largest Mexican folk festivals, held annually in April.

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The city was founded under his official time, Spanish historiography in 1575 under the name of Nuestra Señora de la Asunción de Aguascalientes. The name is a reference to the warm springs that have been found here and are now used mainly for swimming pools with healing effects. With the city's founding in 1575, the Spaniards wanted to get a fort for defense against insurgent Chichimecs.


In Aguascalientes, the Japanese car manufacturer Nissan operates since 13 November 1982, the Plantation Automotriz Nissan. Are produced currently the Platina, Tsuru and Tiida. For the United States and Canada the Versa is mounted.

Culture and sights


The Museo de la Ciudad (Av. Zaragoza 505) provides exhibition on the colonial history of the city and Spanish paintings. The Museo José Guadalupe Posada (Jardin Díaz de León Norte) contains an extensive collection of works of the artist José Guadalupe Posada. In the colonial buildings of the Casa de las Cultura (Av. Carranza, Galeana ) exhibitions, concerts and performances.


Palacio Municipal. The Baroque Town Hall dates from the 17th century. The baroque cathedral of the 18th century.

Regular events

Annually in April is the Feria San Marcos, one of the largest Mexican folk festivals, instead.


Sons and daughters of the town

  • José Guadalupe Posada (1854-1913), artist
  • Jesús Fructuoso Contreras (1866-1902), sculptor
  • Ezequiel Chavez Adeodato Lavista (1868 -1946), lawyer and University Rectors ( UNM )
  • Saturnino Herrán (1887-1918), artist
  • Francisco Díaz de León (1897-1975), artist
  • Gabriel Fernández Ledesma (1900-1983), artist
  • Anita Brenner (1905-1974), anthropologist, art critic, historian, journalist, children's book author and translator
  • Javier de la Torre (1923-2006), football player
  • Jaime Humberto Hermosillo ( b. 1942 ), film director

Other personalities

  • Ramon Godinez Flores (1936-2007), Bishop
  • Luis Ernesto Pérez ( born 1981 ), football player

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