AH is an abbreviation for:

  • After-hours trading after the market close
  • Air Algérie, Algeria's flight line after the IATA code
  • Academy to train trade, College of professionals to professionals and managers
  • Old Mr. ( Student Association ), members of a fraternity after their studies and active time
  • Old Men ( football), designation for seniors football
  • Nursing home, residential facility for the care and care for the elderly
  • American History, History of the United States
  • Anno Hegirae " Hijri ", in the Islamic calendar, see Islamic era
  • Asian Highway, co-operative project for the expansion of the Asian Highway network
  • Attack Helicopter " attack helicopter ", see designation system for aircraft of the U.S. Armed Forces
  • Call hundred police, see hundred
  • Equipment assistance
  • Authentication Header in the IPsec protocol, which is used for authentication and security of data integrity
  • Chevrolet AH, car model from the 1940s
  • Hamburg Hauptbahnhof noisy operation Jobs Directory

AH as distinguishing signs on license plate:

Ah stands for:

  • Ah, physical unit for electrical charge
  • Soil horizon with accumulation of humus

Ah is the surname of the following persons:

  • Joseph Ignaz von Ah (1834-1896; pseudonym: Hartmann von Baldegg ), Swiss Catholic theologian, priest and writer
  • Juliette Ah -Wan ( born 1981 ), Seychellois badminton player
  • Michael Ah Matt (1942-1984), Australian basketball player
  • Robyn Ah Mow -Santos ( born 1975 ), American volleyball player

AH stands for:

  • Attohenry, SI unit of inductance, see Henry (unit)

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