Ahse in Hamm

The Ahse is a 50- km-long, left-hand ( south ) side of the river Lippe in North Rhine -Westphalia ( Germany ). It flows in the Soester Plain in the municipalities of Bad Sass village, Lippetal, Welver and the city of Hamm, where it flows into the lip.


It rises almost exactly in the middle between Erwitte Soest and near the main road 1 in the village of wages in the village of Bad Sass village. South of wages leads the Ahse only temporarily water. From wages it flows almost north to the village Bettinghausen where the Kützelbach opens. Next the Ahse flows south-west of the house Ostinghausen Düsse and then westward flowing, several old farms ( Sauerlandshof, house Ahse and others) over. Southeast of the Oestinghausen Ahse has been greatly changed. By 1950, they flowed to two old mills over; then as the jam right could be acquired, the Ahse lost its importance for the mill operation. The water was passed from now on by the " blind river " and the " separation ditch "; the old watercourses were now referred to as " mill stream ". 2005 and 2006 the separation trench is renatured and reactivated the mill ditch. Since 2006, this area is " Ahseniederung Oestinghausen " designated as a nature reserve. In the lowland open waters of the mill stream, Rosenaue and Schledde. The Ahse continues to flow in a westerly direction at several old farms over ( pivot Hausen, Borghausen ( water castle ) ).

North of Berwicke opens the coming of Soest Soest Bach in the Ahse. It continues to house Nehlen and Nateln ( with house Nateln ) passing to the west. Between Dorfwelver and Dinker lies south of Ahse the former water castle Matena; opens a little further the coming of Werl Salzbach. In west-north- westerly direction the Ahse flows north past Westtünnen. After Caldenhof in the city of Hamm was diverted in their lower reaches. In Hamm it opens after a subway under the dates - Hamm Canal and into the lip.


  • Rosenaue (left)
  • Schledde (left)
  • Soest Bach ( left)
  • Salzbach (left)
  • Geithe (right)


  • Bad Sass village
  • Lippetal
  • Welver
  • Hamm


Work on the reburial of the Ahse the territory of the city of Hamm led Otto Krafft city architect in Hamm. The first sod was turned on 19 July 1911. Completion was committed in a ceremony on 24 July 1913. The old Ahsebett within the city of Hamm became a green belt ( South Ring and east ring systems) transformed. In Lippetal - Oestinghausen the Ahse was renatured and successfully reburied.