al-Hakam II.

Abu l -As al - Mustansir bi- llah al - Hakam ibn Abd ar -Rahman (Arabic: أبو العاص المستنصر بالله الحكم بن عبد الرحمن, DMG Abū l - ʿ al - Mustansir bi- ås llāh al - Hakam b. ʿ Abd ar - Rahman ), known as al - Hakam II (* 915, † October 1 976 ), was the second Caliph of Córdoba ( 961-976 ).

After the death of Abd ar -Rahman III. ( 961 ) led his son al - Hakam II, the Caliphate of Córdoba. Here, the peace with the Christian kingdoms in northern Spain could be reasonably assured. The period of peace took advantage of al - Hakam II for the promotion of agriculture through the development of irrigation systems. Economic development was further supported by the construction of roads and the establishment of markets. Great importance was the promotion of art and culture for al - Hakam II. Thus, a library of 400,000 volumes was created, including in Córdoba. , And in addition many other buildings, the main mosque of Cordoba extended ( 962-966 ). Also, the palace city of Medina Azahara ( 976 ) has been completed, the Abd al-Rahman III. Had begun 936.

While the internal administration was largely left to the vizier al - Muschafi, won General Ghalib as leader of the army significant impact. He was especially with the defense of the last Norman attacks ( 966, 971 ) and the battles with the Fatimids, respectively Zirids in northern Morocco concerned. The latter could be defeated 974 of Ghalib in northern Morocco. Compared with the Christian kingdoms of Navarre, Castile and León was al - Hakam II assert the supremacy of the Caliphate.

On October 1, 976 died al - Hakam II was succeeded by his son underage Hisham II, for whom his mother initially led the regency.