Muhammad II of Córdoba

Muhammad II al -Mahdi (Arabic: محمد المهدي بالله, DMG Muhammad al -Mahdi bi- ʾ llāh, † 1010) was from 1009 to 1010 Caliph of Córdoba.

Muhammad was a great-grandson of Abd ar -Rahman III. But he had to keep hidden in Córdoba (1002-1008), as his father Hisham was executed for a conspiracy under the reign of al - Muzaffar Amiriden. When his successor, Abd ar -Rahman Sanchuelo 1008 a campaign to Leon undertook, Muhammad organized in February 1009 uprising in Córdoba, where he was based particularly on the Muslim jurists, who opposed the rule Sanchuelos negative.

When the city was under control of the rebels, Hisham II was forced to resign in favor of Muhammad. When trying to gain dominion in Cordoba again, Sanchuelo was abandoned and killed by his troops. Although Muhammad II tried to stabilize its rule by picking up un-Islamic taxes, but resulted in the persecution of the followers of the 1002 deceased governor Almansor revolts of the Berber troops who had been recruited under Almansor. After the expulsion of the Berbers from Córdoba in June 1009 Muhammad II was fought on November 5, 1009 before the capital of the Berbers. While Muhammad II fled to Toledo, occupied and plundered the Berber Umayyad Córdoba and put the Sulaiman al - Mustain as a caliph.

Muhammad II could in the aftermath ally with the governor al - Wahid of Toledo and the Catalans and 1010, after a win at Córdoba again ascend the throne of Caliph. However, he was greatly weakened by the withdrawal of its Catalan allies. In this situation, Muhammad II was overthrown and killed in a coup by the slave troops. When Caliph Hisham II (1010-1013) was raised to the throne again.

With the reign of Muhammad II began as a result of the now erupting power struggles of the rapid decline of the Caliphate in Andalusia.