Albanian Airlines

Albanian Airlines was an Albanian airline based in Tirana and base at Tirana airport.


The company was founded in 1992 as a joint venture between Tyrolean Airways and the tour operator Albtourist. Albania never had its own airline. The airline was operating at that time with a single Ilyushin Il- 18, which formed the government. As a modern guy came a DHC -8 -100 from Tyrolean. After withdrawal of the Austrian investor Albanian Airlines was restructured in 1996 with a Kuwaiti partner. This concerned an Airbus A320 -200 by the Egyptian Shorouk Air However, the utilization was lacking and so another Kuwaiti financial injection was necessary. In addition, the focus was again on Russian aircraft types that have been provided by the Bulgarian Hemus Air and its crew.

2001, the fleet consisted of four Tupolev Tu-134, were served with those of Tirana from Bologna, Frankfurt, Istanbul, Pristina, Rome and Zurich. In July 2001, Albanian Airlines acquired its first BAe 146-200, as many airports were not allowed to be flown with the loud Tupolews. 2003 and 2004 each another BAe 146-100 and BAe 146-300 were purchased, all of which are operated by Hemus Air. Since 2008, a former American Airlines MD -82 is geleased.

In summer 2009, Albanian Airlines was sold to the Evsen Group from Azerbaijan. As a result, he underwent the airline, which could hold never really walk on the domestic market and serious competition experienced by new Albanian Airlines, a fundamental restructuring and modernization. The airline received a new logo, new aircraft should join the fleet in November 2009 and new targets in Western Europe, Italy and the United Arab Emirates will be served.

On 20 June 2011, the owner of Evsen group, Ali Evsen, was arrested along with Hussein Salem, a close confidant of former Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak, in Spain on suspicion of money laundering. In November 2011, the Albanian Aviation Inspectorate of the Albanian Airlines withdrew the license until further notice due to the poor technical condition of the aircraft and resulting security concerns.


Albanian Airlines flying from Tirana to Italy as well as to London and Istanbul.


As of November 2011, the fleet of the Albanian Airlines consisted of three aircraft with an average age of 22.5 years:


Decorated in red and blue logo consists of two behind the other arcs that represent an abstracted A, and the following names of the company. The old logo was an abstract red A with a tilted into direction of travel yellow shade in a blue gear.