Aleksander Wojtkiewicz

Aleksander Wojtkiewicz ( born January 15, 1963 in Riga, † July 14, 2006 in Baltimore ) was a Polish- American chess master.

Wojtkiewicz was in Soviet times as Polish Cobby in Latvia to the world. He was a student of the former world champion Mikhail Tal, he supported the 1979 Interzonal in Riga. Already as a teenager Wojtkiewicz was one of the leading Latvian players, received a 15 -year-old and won the league title in 1981, the Individual Championship in Latvia. In 1982, he was to report for military service at the time of the Soviet- Afghan war, but he hid more than four years. In 1986 he presented himself to the authorities and was sentenced to two years in prison. He was amnestied end of 1987. 1988 moved to Wojtkiewicz to Poland and immediately got Polish citizenship. He took first time in 1989 to the championship of Poland and won the tournament. He took three more times at these championships (1992, 1995 and 1996 ), where he scored another victory and two runner-up championships. 1990 FIDE awarded him the grandmaster title in 1990 and 1992 he played for Poland at the Chess Olympiad.

Wojtkiewicz was considered open- specialist and conquered the world with numerous open tournaments. Since the late 1990s he lived in Baltimore since 2004 and represented the United States. There he won several times a highly doped Grand Prix annual ranking of the U.S. Open; Guests can reach him numerous other tournament victories in the U.S..

Wojtkiewicz died at the age of 43 years from severe internal bleeding.