Alexander-von-Humboldt-Gymnasium Schweinfurt

Scholl -Straße 4

The Alexander -von- Humboldt -Gymnasium ( Humboldt Foundation ) in Schweinfurt, with 1,178 students and over 100 full-time teachers for years one of the largest high schools in Bavaria. It offers a scientific and linguistic branch. Around two-thirds of all students come from the district of Schweinfurt. The school trains since 1967 from young teachers. She's seminar school for the subjects German, English, French, history, mathematics, physics, chemistry, biology, sports male and art.

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  • 2.2 language sequence
  • 2.3 computer science
  • 3.1 Music
  • 3.2 Art
  • 3.3 Sport
  • 3.4 Technik Group
  • 3.5 Community Events 3.5.1 Schullandheim
  • 3.5.2 ski lessons
  • 3.5.3 Sambachshof
  • 5.1 research school of 2008
  • 5.2 i.s.i - Award 2009
  • 5.3 Young Scientists School 2010 in Lower Franconia
  • 5.4 research school of 2010



Since September 2007 the students is a canteen available, in which a food is offered 12 to 14 clock. Operator is afz Schweinfurt. The cafeteria was handed over to the school officially on 23 November 2007 by Mayor Otto Wirth ( CSU) and Gudrun Grieser mayors (CSU ).

Math macchiato

In addition, available to the student since September 2008, the new student cafe " math macciato " open, which was sponsored by the Foundation for Education Pact of Bavaria. The official inauguration took place on 10 July 2008. This cafe is operated as a student company.


Range of subjects

The focus of the course offerings is the following subjects:

  • Mathematics
  • Computer science
  • Natural sciences ( physics, chemistry, nature and technology and biology)
  • Modern foreign languages ​​(English, French, Spanish { only as an elective })
  • Economics / law

There are also - as in all high schools - the usual range of general subjects (religion, ethics, German, Latin, history, geography, social studies, art, music and sport)

Language sequence

Basically, English is taught as a first foreign language; in the 6th grade can choose between French and Latin as a second foreign language. In the 8th grade wanting to make the " Latins " or to the linguistic branch with French (3rd foreign language). All other students deepen from the 8th year in a scientific- technological branch of their education in computer science, physics and chemistry. In the 10th grade, it is possible to choose Spanish, which can be deepened in the 11th grade. There is also the possibility to choose Russian in the 9th and 10th grade.

Computer science

Computer science is taught on the one hand in the choice of teaching and on the other hand in the compulsory teaching of the scientific- technological (from 6 Jg ) and the linguistic branch ( 6/7 Jg ) at the Alexander -von- Humboldt Gymnasium.


An important balance to the sciences offer sporting, musical and artistic activities that students can perceive.


The musical range of the Alexander -von- Humboldt school ranges from instrument music lessons to the choirs and several orchestral groups, especially the band, the Big Band and the percussion group are emphasized. Since the school year 2005/2006 there has been cooperation with the School of Music Schweinfurt in the subjects flute and piano. Due to the retirement of the orchestra conductor in the school year 2012/13, the orchestra was decimated. In addition, various regular concerts are held


In art addition to the traditional artistic techniques such as painting, drawing, printing, modeling and collage also current methods such as photography, film and digital techniques will be taught. Art students also operates the artistic decoration of the house (mural in the school building, images in administration ) and participates in the European competition.


At the Alexander -von- Humboldt High School in addition to the standard sports (basketball, football, handball, volleyball, gymnastics, gymnastics, dance and athletics) also hockey, table tennis and rhythmic gymnastics are offered. Notable successes of the school teams may determine.

Technology group

The technology group is responsible for the lighting, sound reinforcement, and other use of technical equipment for events such as concerts and theater performances.

Community events


The Alexander -von- Humboldt -Gymnasium featured an own and renovated 1995 school camp with an observatory in Eichelsdorf ( Haßbergkreis ). Here the students and teachers spend in the 5th and 6th classes stay per school year. In the higher grades the acorn 's local is being used.

Ski lessons

The ski lessons are held in the grades 7 and 8 in the ski Saalbach-Hinterglemm/Österreich. The students of 8th grade are during the stay at the inn Stiegernigg that housed the seventh in the youth hostel Mitterlengau.


In the 10th grade will be held sozialkundliche meetings on the Sambachshof.

The other previously conducted community events ( excursions, study trips) are adapted to the caused by the G8 new time frame.


By participating in the pilot MODE F of the Foundation for Education Pact of Bavaria is to improve both the quality of teaching and education at the Alexander -von- Humboldt Gymnasium. In addition, the school management is to be relieved, as are exposed in large high schools headmaster of a very high stress.


Research school of 2008

The Alexander -von- Humboldt -Gymnasium Schweinfurt has received the award for " research school of the year" in the district of Lower Franconia on 15 February 2008. With this predicate years of participation of many students of the Alexander -von- Humboldt -Gymnasium is in the competitions Youth Research and appreciated student experiment. The ceremony was a cash prize over 10,000 € the city of Schweinfurt, which of Mayor Grieser (CSU ) was passed, and an additional cash prize of Sparkasse Schweinfurt, which was passed by its board chairman Juergen giant connected.

I.s.i - Award 2009

The Alexander -von- Humboldt -Gymnasium was awarded the 2009 by the Foundation for Education Pact of Bavaria initiated interior Education Development Innovation Award ( isi ). The handover of the certificate was made by the Secretary of State in the Ministry of Culture Marcel Huber ( CSU). During the next student protest in November, however, the call has been increasingly loud that this price was only with the help of various productions that do not comply with the everyday life at the school, won. In addition, it is considered controversial, why not the incumbent Head Boy, but his predecessor, who had signed the application, was present at the award ceremony.

Youth Research School 2010 in Lower Franconia

The Alexander -von- Humboldt -Gymnasium Schweinfurt in 2010 was awarded the special prize "Young Scientists School 2010" in the regional competition Lower Franconia excellent. With the special price a cash prize of € 1,000, as well as the nomination to research school of the year is connected in Bavaria.

Research school of 2010

The Alexander -von- Humboldt -Gymnasium Schweinfurt has received the award for " research school of the year" in Bavaria on October 21, 2010. For outstanding performance in the competition " Young Scientist", the students were rewarded with a cash prize of € 3,000, which was passed in the afternoon by the jury to the school.

Controversy surrounding former headmistress

The appointment of a new, politically active in the CSU headmistress in 2004 led to controversial reactions in local politics, local press and in the students and parents. In this case, allegations of nepotism were raised according to which the establishment of more party-political relations were higher than technical considerations based. On demand of the SPD parliamentary group declared the then Bavarian Minister of Culture Monika Meier hollow, not to be friends with the new headmistress. Zeyer -Müller was further assumed, because of their proximity to hollow Monika Meier grade levels to skip. It is stated that not only favors themselves, but have also supported their own minions.

Another criticism was that the CSU Member of the European Parliament Anja Weisgerber in 2007 on the occasion of Europe Day at school, in which the then Minister of Economics Michael Glos (CSU ) occurred, could make a speech, which she directed the students who are present at the words: " [ I hope ] that you then choose me as your MEP " finished Therein critics saw abuse of this event, as election advertising politically neutral environment of a required course of a school is not permitted for the Under Article 84, paragraph 2. . Bavarian law on Education and lessons (BayEUG ) is political advertising in the context of school events or on school property prohibited.

Also reported in 2009 the press about student protests at the Alexander -von- Humboldt -Gymnasium, which were aimed at schools, among other things against nepotism, video surveillance, under-provision of hygiene items and party careers. All these allegations have been made by several groups against the school, the headmistress of this was blamed. In the same year Unknown suspended following the Toraufschrift "Work makes you free " to the Nazi concentration camps a bed sheet with the words "School macht frei" on the west side of the high school on. Denounced should allow the partial dictatorial leadership style of the principal.

Monika Zeyer -Müller, daughter of Werner Zeyer should leave school after the end of the school year 2009/10. You should take over the management of private Schule Schloss Salem at Lake Constance. Zeyer -Müller was there to hold the overall lead from 1 September 2010. There they would have claims to also politically neutral verhalten.Diese personnel decision of Schule Schloss Salem sparked sporadic criticism. The appointment at the Schule Schloss Salem has now been reversed, since a variety of resentment expressions were loud and image damage was feared as over 200 students in Salem were concerned because of a feared authoritarian leadership style Zeyer - miller to this already at the Alexander -von- Humboldt should have proven High School. The Bavarian State Ministry of Education and Culture confirmed that Zeyer -Müller could remain a director at the Alexander -von- Humboldt -Gymnasium also on August 31, 2010 and beyond, they announced to the vorzuhaben. As secured a minimum severance payment of € 500,000.

On August 24, 2011, the change of the previous head teacher Monika Zeyer -Müller to the Wirsberg -Gymnasium in Würzburg and its simultaneous appeal to the Deputy under Frankish Ministerialbeauftragten became public. The post had been advertised by press secretary Ludwig Unger. Until February 2012 to date Deputy Headmaster Harald Hirsch takes over the school board interim basis.

Elucidation of the use of ski lessons balances

As in two other Schweinfurt schools ( Olympia Morata -Gymnasium, Business School Pelzl ) were retained in the Alexander von Humboldt small residual amounts of the lessons and used for subsequent ski lessons. Against this practice beginning in 2009 has been filed lawsuit. The case was closed in February 2009 and end of 2009 and again at the instigation of the plaintiff. " According to the documents, there has been a surplus which the parents could have been charged, but again the money is ski courses have benefited ," said the prosecutor, who has determined. The only allegation remains that the school would have the parents about this procedure must inform.

Famous former students and teachers

  • Michael Ballhaus, photographer and cameraman
  • Hans Brög, artists and university teachers
  • Hans -Josef Fell, politicians
  • Tommy Jaud, author and screenwriter
  • Peter Kuhn ( carnivalist ), German carnivalist
  • Nele Maar, a therapist and author
  • Paul Maar, children's book author
  • Fabian Sagstetter, Fist and volleyball players
  • Florian Töpper, district administrator of the district of Schweinfurt (SPD )
  • Anja Weisgerber, MEP from the CSU
  • Roland Weise, CEO of Media -Saturn-Holding
  • Ivo Welch, Professor of Financial Economics