Alfred Agache (architect)

Donat- Alfred Agache (* 1875, † 1959; sometimes called Alfredo Agache ) was a French architect and town planner.


Agache closed in 1905 to study architecture at the Ecole des Beaux -Arts in Paris from. In 1912 he finished third, behind Walter Burley Griffin and Eliel Saarinen the design competition for the new Australian capital Canberra. He also designed the master plans for the cities of Dunkirk, Creil and Poitiers. Agache was co-founder of the Société Française des Urbanistes, the French Society of urbanists.

From 1927 worked in Brazil and designed master plans for the cities of Rio de Janeiro, Porto Alegre and Curitiba. His plans were found to generally be too costly. However, they formed the basis for further plans, which were then implemented. So Curitiba is still considered one of the best planned cities in the world.

Chronology of his major urban projects