Alinghi is the name of a Swiss yacht, the first European ship won the prestigious America's Cup in 2003. In 2007, the trophy was successfully defended. Alinghi is a well-known ì name of its founder and owner Ernesto Bertarelli and his sister when they were children. All boats that Bertarelli owned since then, had this name. He is a Swiss entrepreneur in the biotechnology industry from Geneva with Italian roots.

Before America's Cup Ernesto Bertarelli has participated in regattas with smaller yachts.

Alinghi has its home base in Switzerland and sails under the flag of the Société Nautique de Genève. The main sponsors are UBS and BT Infonet. Co - sponsors include Audemars Piguet, SGS, Nespresso, MSC Cruises and North Sails.

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Participation in 2003

The yacht and the team

The yacht was designed in 2003 in collaboration with the EPF Lausanne. This cooperation was extended to the America 's Cup in 2007. According to information from the Alinghi team won thanks to the extremely lightweight spinnaker fabric, which is designed and manufactured in New St. John of the company Meyer - Mayor. The specific gravity of the spinnaker is 27 g / m², which corresponds to about one third of the weight of toilet paper.

Russell Coutts, who won the America's Cup in 1995 and 2000 for New Zealand: Bertarelli it to fetch the time of his most successful skipper on board succeeded. This solicitation called in New Zealand causes resentment. Along with Russell Coutts came more important for New Zealand sailors Alinghi team such as the tactician Brad Butterworth. Bertarelli even worked as a navigator in all races. Sports Director was the German Olympic champion Jochen Schumann.

Reactions to the victory

In Switzerland, the victory of Alinghi led to a widespread public interest in the sport of sailing, in addition to other sports eked out a pansy existence until then. The Team Alinghi in 2003 was awarded the prize for the team of the year.

Participation in 2007


As defending team Alinghi could choose the venue. Normally the race in the country of the winner will take place, as Switzerland but is a landlocked country, a committee of the Alinghi had to decide on a suitable location. The choice fell on Valencia. Since the summer of 2004, the whole team was stationed there and started getting ready for the title defense.

The yacht and the team

Principal designer of the team is born in Haarlem in 1946 Dutchman Rolf Vrolijk.

The Team Alinghi dismissed on 27 July 2004 forced its extent New Zealand skipper Russell Coutts, after a short time before the rules of the America's Cup had been changed to prevent a Fall in Coutts. Nine months later, the dispute with Coutts was settled with a short statement.

This, the team was later increased again on 30 November 2004, the commitment of Ed Baird as another navigator could be announced alongside Peter Holmberg. The German Jochen Schumann remains sporting director.


The Team Alinghi defended his title successfully in 2007 and became the winner of the 32nd America 's Cup. The final finish will probably go down in the history of the America 's Cup. The victory to 5:2 for Alinghi could only be determined by the jury.

In the seventh race of the best-of -nine series, the Alinghi was 1000 meters before the finish line with just under 100 meters in the lead before the breeze of 15 knots (28 km / h) at 4 knots (7 km / h) coincided and the New Zealand, the Swiss were on and overtake due to better wind conditions yet. However, the New Zealand team had to run the penalty turn, they had to be is on the penultimate cross. The Alinghi won the race with a minimum lead of a second and thus won the first team to 5 points.

Participation in 2010


After some legal battles with the challenger BMW Oracle Racing of the 33rd America's Cup was held again in front of Valencia.

The boat


Already after the second round of overall victory went to the challenger BMW Oracle Racing.


2003 and 2007 the team Alinghi with the price Swiss Sportsman of the Year Award in the category " Team of the Year ". On 1 December 2004, the team also won the Olympic trophy.

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