Amenemhat II

Amenemhet II, also Amenemhat II, reigned approximately from 1877/76-1843/42 ( 1914-1879/76 ) BC as ancient Egyptian King (Pharaoh) of the 12th Dynasty ( Middle Kingdom ) together with his father. The Royal Canon of Turin its overall Longevity is lost, but it is known from other sources, that the beginning of the 32nd year of the reign on 1 Achet I he made ​​his son Sesostris II after 31 years to his co-regent. After notes on a continuing co-regency missing.


Amenemhat II was the son of his predecessor Sesostris I and his wife Neferu. He is well known already as a king's son Ameny in the grave of nomarchs Amenemhet. His own wife is unknown, but lately the King's wife Senet been proposed, which is known by two statues and otherwise no ruler can be assigned. Chnumet and Italy, who were buried in his pyramid, have hitherto been regarded as his daughters. The women dating but probably under Amenemhet III. , So it must remain open whether the were his daughters. Sesostris II is his son and successor.


From his reign comes a great annals stone which was found in Memphis and taught us about various events at the beginning of his reign. One learns from an expedition to southern Palestine, during which two cities were destroyed. The arrival of several foreign delegations will be noted and donations to various temples occupy a broad space.

Laboratory studies show trading relations with Crete and Lebanon and in the 28th year an expedition to Punt.

Viziers of the ruler were Sesostris and Ameny. Various Treasurer are occupied, which is mainly Saiset mentioned, which had a large grave in the pyramid of King at Dahshur. Merykau led an expedition into the Eastern Desert. Cheperkare was a senior asset manager.

Amenemhet II also made ​​his son Sesostris II before his death, as co-regent.


Little is known on the construction of Amenemhet II. In Hermopolis, he built a gate in front of the temple there. From the annals of rock you can learn from its construction in the Delta. On stelae from Abydos is reported of a temple, but otherwise can not be located with certainty. He began the construction of the parallel to the Nile running Bahr Yusuf ( Joseph's Canal ), and the use of the Fayyum as an agricultural area.


Amenemhet II built his pyramid on the burial site of Dahshur, known as Amenemhet II - pyramid. It is located near the Red Pyramid of Sneferu.

More graves

In the district the pyramid tombs of the king's daughters Ita and Chnumit, are known for the jewelry pieces that Jacques de Morgan in 1895 found there.

Even the tombs of Prince Amenemhat - ankh and the princesses Itiueret and the lady Sit- Hathor - meret explored de Morgan. The excavations were carried out only very superficially, and so this complex is one of the poorly documented pyramids ( causeway and valley temple still unexplored ).