An Unmarried Woman

  • Jill Clayburgh: Erica
  • Alan Bates: Saul
  • Michael Murphy: Martin
  • Cliff Gorman: Charlie
  • Patricia Quinn: Sue
  • Kelly Bishop: Elaine
  • Lisa Lucas: Patti
  • Linda Miller: Jeanette
  • Andrew Duncan: Bob
  • Daniel Seltzer: Dr. Jacobs

An Unmarried Woman is an American feature film from the year 1978.


Erica lives a perfect life in prosperity and harmony. When she is suddenly after 17 years of marriage, abandoned by her husband Martin, a successful stockbroker for a young woman who sets off from one day to the other this life apart. Now she is completely on their own and must learn that they must find their own individual personality only. Slowly she begins to organize their lives. Help her is a psychiatrist and a group of reliable friends. You now developed into an independent woman. When she meets the British artist Saul, even her love life has a future again. With the sensitive Saul finds her happiness that she had earlier with Martin in this intensity before.


" Described with a light hand and twinkling irony maturing process. "


The film was shown in competition at the International Film Festival of Cannes 1978. Jill Clayburgh was awarded together with Isabelle Huppert at the festival with the Actor Award.

Golden Globe Award

The film received nominations in the Best Picture ( Drama ), Best Director, Best Actress, Best Original Score and Best Screenplay.

Academy Award

The film received Oscar nominations for Best Picture, Best Actress and Best Original Screenplay.