Anaconda (Film)

  • Jennifer Lopez: Terri Flores
  • Ice Cube: Danny Rich
  • Jon Voight: Paul Sarone
  • Jonathan Hyde: Warren Westridge
  • Eric Stoltz: Dr. Steven Cale
  • Owen Wilson: Gary Dixon
  • Kari Wuhrer: Denise calves
  • Vincent Castellanos: Mateo
  • Danny Trejo: poachers in the movie intro

Anaconda ( Alternative title: Anaconda - It Will Take Your Breath Away ) is an American feature film from the year 1997.


A film crew from the National Geographic wants in the Amazon jungle shoot a documentary about a little-known Indian tribe. During the ride to the supposed place where these residents are suspected, the crew splits on the seedy Paul Sarone which is his ship, so his explanation, stranded and can no longer continue. Paul Sarone has been living in the Amazon region and the film team in the belief that he knew the whereabouts of the Indians and the crew could take you there.

In a dive that is needed to repair the propeller, the leader of the expedition is critically injured. Since this needs to be taken to hospital immediately leads now, Sarone proposes an alleged shortcut on a tributary of the Amazon. Once they have overcome a mysterious river blockade and have lost much of their gasoline inventories, they come into an area in which the crew is attacked by a giant anaconda. Well turns out that Sarone is a fanatical and unscrupulous hunters, and the Department has piloted specifically in this area because he suspects exceptional specimens for his trophy case here. It begins a struggle for survival, in which the team must keep both the Anaconda and the under observation Sarone at bay. But there will be more and more losses, even Sarone eventually going overboard.

Hoping in a leave -acting hut to find gasoline supplies, go the last survivors, director Terri and cameraman Danny, on land. Here they will be met by overcoming believed Sarone, but also the Anaconda is not far, as it uses the cabin as a nesting site. There is a showdown with the villain and the Anaconda. After Sarone has been eaten by the snake, Terri and Danny can defeat the beast by a large explosion.


James Berardinelli wrote on movie-, the film would please him, if he were still a child. The act was criticized as " thin" ( " thin" ), the characters as " uninteresting ". The computer-animated images of the snake he found unconvincing.

Roger Ebert called the film in the Chicago Sun - Times on April 11, 1997 as an " entertainment for a wide audience ." He praised the government of Luis Llosa and the presentation by Jon Voight.

The lexicon of international film wrote that the film was an " unassuming horror movie" suffers from the insufficient development of the characters as well as under " unconvincing tricks".

The judgment of the online platform OutNow.CH reads: " Anaconda is a moderately exciting ... Monster Strip that really offers no surprises in the story even with the actors. The shock moments ignite rare and because of its predictable story he gives a lot of atmosphere. "


Jennifer Lopez won the 1998 American Latino Media Arts Award and was nominated for a Saturn Award and for the Blockbuster Entertainment Award. Another nomination for the Saturn Award, the film received a Best horror movie.

The film received six nominations for the 1998 Golden Raspberry Awards, including for Jon Voight and Luis Llosa. In 1998 he won the World Animation Celebration Award and was nominated for an Imagen Foundation Award. Randy Edelman won the 1998 BMI film music award.


In 2004, directed by Dwight H. Little was the movie Anacondas: The Hunt for the Blood Orchid. For the American television Don E. FauntLeRoy staged two more sequels: Anaconda - Offspring ( 2008) and Anacondas: Trail of Blood ( 2009).