Animax (Japaneseアニマックス, Animakkusu ) is a Japanese satellite TV station, which was constructed by the company Sony and predominantly sends anime. The company's headquarters is located in Tokyo's Minato district.

The company sends not only in Japan but also has broadcasters on the mainland of Asia, Latin America and Europe.

History of the company


Founded on May 20, 1998 by Sony as K. K. Animax Broadcast Japan (株式会社 アニマックス ブロードキャスト·ジャパン, Kabushiki - gaisha Animakkusu Burōdokyasuto Japan, Eng. Animax Broadcast Japan Inc.) began the transmitter on June 1 with the broadcast in Japan on SKY PerfecTV! Satellite platform. The founders included not only the partners and the well-known producer and production designer of anime Yoshirō Kataoka. The company was chaired by Masao Takiyama held.

Various Japanese celebrities and artists were discovered on Animax, the actress Natsuki Kato and Yukari Tamura the seiyū. Animax also organizes various events related to anime and concerts throughout Japan, for example, the Animax Summerfest (アニマックス サマー フェス, Animakkusu Samāfesu, dt " Animax Summer Fest" ) and the Animax Taishō (アニマックス 大賞, dt " Animax Grand Prix ​​").

In addition to the existing pay- TV offering radiates Animax programs for mobile phones from.


Animax operates since 2004 in the other countries of South and East Asia different transmitters with anime program in the most important regions and languages. The first was on January 1st in Taiwan on the air, the next on January 12 in Hong Kong. A week later, Animax began broadcasting a radio station in Southeast Asia, the English and Japanese audio, and subtitles in English and other local languages ​​are presented.

On 5 July 2004 an English-language station has been launched in South Asia and on 29 April 2006 was a koreanischsprachiger on the air. Since 31 August 2006, there is also Animax in Malay.


In North America, the company has funded a variety of events, such as Anime Festival. It works there along with other companies, such as Bandai and Viz Media. From Sony's shopping complex Metreon in San Francisco several anime series such as Gundam, The Making of Metropolis, and Love Hina been sent.

The Financial Times reported in September 2004 that Sony is planning a collaboration with Comcast, the largest cable operator in the United States. With this partnership, and the Hollywood studio Metro -Goldwyn -Mayer three channels to be broadcast by Sony in the United States.

Animax Latin America began on 31 July 2005 with the broadcast of his program on Spanish and Portuguese in their respective regions. The transmitter was considered the largest anime channel in the region. Over time, however, anime were laid in the night program, while the best broadcasting time was occupied by normal television programs. On 1 May 2011 the station has been replaced by Sony Spin, Anime programs will be streamed in the future on the internet portal.


In April 2007, the broadcasting of Animax began in Hungary, Romania, Czech Republic and Slovakia. This was the first step of Animax to Europe. Even transmitter for the UK, Italy, France and other major countries are planned. For Spain, a channel has already been launched.

In Germany was started from June 5, 2007 in North Rhine -Westphalia and Hesse with the broadcast. The broadcast will be simulcast on the cable network by Unity Media and is the first of a pure anime channel in Germany. It should above all series are shown, which ran in German television before, such as Dragon Ball, Arjuna and X 1999. Since September 1, 2007 Animax is across Germany as part of the package, Premiere Star over satellite can be received, first from 0:30 to 12:30 clock, all day since the end of November of the same year. In addition, Animax is to receive as part of the arenaSAT FAMILY packet from Unity Media. Since November 25, 2008 Animax also be received within the Kabel Digital Home package. Since the switch from Premiere to Sky in 2009, the station is also in package "Sky Welt Extra ," which will be broadcast exclusively via satellite can be received. It was also aired on Animax 's IPTV platform " Entertain " Deutsche Telekom and 31 January 2014 and in " Big Entertainment " package of provider Hansenet ( Alice).

In Germany Animax is sent with the voice channels, German and English. From the 8th September, the German transmitter is to send not only series, but also self-produced shows to music and film.

In addition, Animax led on 8 September in Germany also his new station logo a, which is used for some time in the Asian market.

In Austria, the transmitter was recorded in November 2007 in the digital pay-TV offer of Liwest cable TV. Animax is sent only to the German sound, but also partly variable with English sound.

In Switzerland, the station was taken in May 2012 in the German -language basic package " German " of the IPTV provider Swisscom.


  • Sony Pictures Entertainment
  • Sunrise
  • Toei Animation
  • Tokyo Movie Shinsha
  • Nihon Ad Systems


The transmitter sends Animax almost exclusively anime. It will be shown not only productions of partnership firms, but also the other studios such as Osamu Tezuka Tezuka Productions, Studio Pierrot, Nippon Animation and others. The transmitter was involved in the production of various series including Aishiteruze Baby, Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex and Ultra Maniac.


  • Announcement of a HD offshoot