Aishiteruze Baby

Aishiteruze Baby (Japanese愛し てる ぜ ベイベ ★ ★, translates to " I love you, baby! ") Is a Japanese manga illustrator Yōko Maki. The work has also been implemented as an anime television series.


The boy Kippei Katakura (片 仓 结 平) is swarmed by girls and loves to play with his charms and flirting. That brought him trouble at school and elsewhere. One day, however, dipped his five year old cousin Yuzuyu Sakashita (坂下 ゆずゆ) at his home on to which he has to take care from now on. Her mother is completely overwhelmed by the accidental death of his father with the education, the child brought therefore to the relatives and disappeared without a trace.

Initially somewhat reluctantly, but captured by Yuyuzus charm soon, it fits beautifully on the little girl, she brings every morning for kindergarten, makes her lunch and the like. By the time he is always responsible, which is also his classmate Kokoro Tokunaga (徳 永 心) impressed that begins to care for him.

However, since he too much time for the education of Yuyuzu needed, they do not come for a long time together. Towards the end of the series appeared Yuyuzus nut back down, but still asks for more time to recover from her husband's death and leaves Yuyuzu until further Kippei. The however, has now arranged quite well with the situation and is still together with Kokoro.

Character style

The manga is drawn in a style typical of shōjo manga. Thus, the panels are set very different and there was a lot of work with screen film. The backgrounds are designed clean.


The manga was published from March 2002 to December 2004 in the magazine Ribon ( spending 4/2002 to 1/ 2005), the publisher Shueisha in Japan. The story was then collected into seven volumes.

From April 2006, the manga was released in the U.S. at Viz Media. There was also a French translation. Tokyopop published the complete manga from October 2008 to October 2009 in German.



2004 produced for Tokyo Movie Manga Aishiteruze Baby, a 26- episode anime television series in which Masaharu Okuwaki directed. The character design is by Junko Yamanaka and Masatomo Sudo, while the artistic director of Seiko Akashi was taken. At the production company TMS Entertainment and also the Toei were involved video. The series was first broadcast April 3 to October 9, 2004 in Japan on the station Animax.

The anime was translated in French.



The music of the series was composed by Miki Kasamatsu. The header title Sunnyside Up and the end credits song Call saisai (年年 歳 歳) were sung by Yo Hitoto.


According to the trade magazine manga scene succeeds the mangaka good, the figures represent differentiated. Maki also dare to broach sensitive topics, so is Miki, the rival, even a suicidal runaway. Nevertheless, the work is very humorous. The character designs are soulful and furnished in the typical shōjo style. The Anime implementation was one of the shōjo highlights of the year 2004. However, in the anime the characters were not as successful as drawing in the manga and the animation as a whole is easy. The Japanese voice actors shared their role believable and the bias Title sunny side up fits well with the mood.