Ian Van Dahl was a dance band from Belgium, consisting of singer and songwriter Annemie Coenen Anne Francine (* July 14, 1978 in Herk- de -Stad, Belgium), the songwriters and producers Christophe Chantzis (born 22 September 1976) and Erik Vanspauwen ( born May 17, 1968). Other producers were Peter Luts ( born December 14, 1971) and David Vervoort ( born December 28, 1977 in Bonheiden, Belgium) ( the producers of Lasgo ).

Ian Van Dahl is one of the most successful dance acts in the world. Ian Van Dahl has sold nearly four million records ( singles and albums ) worldwide and were at their tours not only in her native Belgium, but also in Australia, North America (USA, Canada, Mexico), South America (Brazil, Colombia, Trinidad and Tobago), Asia (Russia, Japan, Lebanon, Dubai, Bahrain), Scandinavia ( Denmark, Finland, Norway) and other European countries (UK, Germany, Spain, Switzerland, the Netherlands, Northern Ireland, Hungary, Estonia, Malta) on stage.

Annemie writes not only a large portion of the song lyrics by Ian Van Dahl itself, but is also active on other dance projects of producer Peter Luts and David Vervoort as a songwriter. At the texts of published in 2005 album " Far Away " by Lasgo she wrote for the most part. The texts of Outrowz feat. New -G - Wrong! and Peter Luts feat. Nivelle - Do not Go also come from her pen. Annemie is also responsible for the fashionable amenities of Ian Van Dahl on stage and in the videos.

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2000-2002: Beginnings and first major success

Ian Van Dahl was founded in early 2000 by Erik Vanspauwen, whose brother Geert and Martine " Marsha " Theeuwen. Shortly thereafter Geert Vanspauwen was replaced by Christophe Chantzis and there appeared the first single Castles In The Sky as vinyl in Belgium. The text as well as the vocals come from Marsha. Already in the dance charts, the song was surprisingly a success and in the autumn of the same year appeared a remix of producer Peter Luts as a single in Belgium and shortly afterwards in Germany. In its home country does not Castles In The Sky climbed in the chart standings, but in the neighboring country, it reached number 43 in the singles and even # 2 on the dance charts. Gradually lined internationally the top 10 positions in the Dance / Club charts. Despite the great success of the first single Ian Van Dahl's record label Antler Subway wanted and singer Marsha unknown reasons no longer under contract replaced it with Cindy Mertens, which was then but a short time later superseded by the final singer Annemie Coenen. With her ​​voice Castles In The Sky was re-recorded and released in other countries, including Britain, where it created the single to number 3. Not only there was a commercial success at first attempt. Ian Van Dahl won with Castles In The Sky in early 2002 the Best Hi NRG / Euro 12 "vinyl WMC ( Winter Music Conference) Award 2001. In the UK Ian Van Dahl won in the same year the " Dance Star World Music Award "in the category " Best trance Act " and the " Top of the Pops Award "in the category" Best Dance Act ".

The second single Will I? (2001/2002) followed up on the success of the first single to seamlessly, some were even higher positions in the charts can be achieved. In the United Kingdom, but also in Brazil, the song was a huge success. In Belgium Will was I? Ian Van Dahl's to great success. In the video clip is also (not as in Castles In The Sky) also to see Annemie Coenen as a performer.

In March 2002 the single Reason has been published. When songwriting participated here for the first time Annemie Coenen. Shortly thereafter, the first album was released. The name of the album was " Ace " is selected - a composite of the first letters of the members of Ian Van Dahl ( Annemie, Christophe, Erik ) - and in memory of the great success of the first singles of the term " Ace" (Ace - the name for unmatched impact in tennis ). The album was a success, where it reached within three weeks with around 100,000 copies sold gold status, especially in the UK. The songs of Ace were almost invariably written by Coenen, Chantzis and Vanspauwen, as co-writer participated among others Pascale Feront, the singer of the dance acts Absolom.

In the late summer of 2002, Try was extracted from Ace. For the single release, the song was provided with a new sound. Although the success declined in some countries, managed to try the Euro200 chart ( a summary of the national chart ratings in the European Union) at least up to # 32 in 2002. Somewhat later the song Secret Love was in Germany together with Try as double -A single decoupled, but without much success. On the single Secret Love contains a completely different text than on the album.

2003-2005: Second album and decline of success

In October 2003, was announced as the new single to release a song called I Can not Let You Go. At the production, Peter Luts and David Vervoort, the producers were involved Lasgo from now on. With this single, the success rate declined further in the UK, it reached only number 20 yet another new single, Where Are You Now? (2004), was also less successful and was only released in a few countries, including Belgium and Finland. In April 2004, the second album by Ian Van Dahl Lost & Found appeared. The two-sidedness of the title refers to the loss of Annemie Coenen grandfather and some friends, but also to the great success with Ian Van Dahl, the broad support of the fans and new friends. Coenen participated once again instrumental in the songwriting. Considered by many fans, but also by critics of this album has been described as much more emotional and deeper than its predecessor. However, these aspects were not substantially affect the commercial success itself. Similarly, the next single, Believe, which was released only in the UK and Ireland, could not come close to the success of the first year.

Ian Van Dahl in 2004, organized a number of concerts in Brazil, where especially songs from the second album were played.

The end of 2005 a completely new production was released again. The title of the new single was Movin 'On. The song was a ballad with electronic sound. This single was again successful, the countries Belgium ( even 7th place) except ( 24th place ) and Finland, although they flopped in Europe but reached Brazil in the top 10.

2006-2008: Retreat and resolution

Following the publication of again less successful single Just A Girl Ian Van Dahl in July 2006 was seen again a few times live in Brazil, where Annemie Coenen also occurred together with Lasgo. In 2007, they withdrew almost completely Coming

Beginning of July 2007 was the producer Peter Luts announced that the third album from Ian Van Dahl was ready taken, but this would appear as a solo album by Annemie Coenen. This had already become apparent after the withdrawal of producers Christophe Chantzis and Erik Vanspauwen: In an interview by the end of April 2007, Annemie Coenen is to read that the third album is being recorded and will appear in a few months. Coenen notes that most of the songs on the album are from their Luts and spring.

Mid-January 2008 it was announced that Ian Van Dahl formation was dissolved. Annemie Coenen is now singer of the new Dance project Anna Grace, with Peter Luts as producers.

Former members

Marsha aka Martine Theeuwen

Marsha real name is Martine Danny Jozefa Theeuwen ( born October 7, 1976 in Neerpelt, Belgium). With it, Erik and Erik's brother Vanspauwen Geert Van Dahl Ian the project started. Marsha wrote the lyrics and melody to Castles In The Sky. Marsha's voice is heard on the accompanying single and the video. Following the huge international success of this song, the record company wanted to unknown reasons have as a singer for appearances, though she was ready. Marsha was replaced, in the video for Castles In The Sky she is not seeing her song was re-recorded with Annemie Coenen and immersed in this form on the album " Ace " and not the original version with the voice of Marsha. In retrospect, it turned out that the record company had never intended to send Marsha on stage. Deeply disappointed she declined the offer of a further single with Ian Van Dahl.

Cindy Mertens

Cindy Mertens was the first replacement for Marsha. They can be seen in the video for Castles In The Sky to the voice of Marsha. Cindy was chosen by the record company for the first Belgian national and international performances to Castles In The Sky - all for singing by Marsha. Cindy Mertens sang neither the performances nor the video itself. Due to lack of skills in these lip synced performances and a catastrophic stage presence, she was relatively quickly replaced by Annemie Coenen.





  • 2002: " WMC ( Winter Music Conference) Award 2001" in the category "Best Hi NRG / Euro 12" vinyl " with Castles In The Sky, United States.
  • 2002: " Dance Star World Dance Music Award " in the category " Best Trance Act", United Kingdom.
  • 2002: "Top of the Pops Award" in the category " Best Dance", UK.