Anomaly (Ace Frehley album)


Anomaly is the third solo album by American guitarist Ace Frehley. He had brought out in 1978 as a member of Kiss a successful solo album after his departure from the band in 1982 he founded together with bassist John Regan, the group Frehley 's Comet and released two studio albums and one live album. In 1989 he published with Trouble Walkin ' another solo album.


During the recording of Kiss Unplugged in 1995, the founding members of the group had been the first time since 1980 back together on one stage, with Peter Criss and Ace Frehley only guests of the then current lineup of Kiss were. Subsequently, however, it came to negotiations for a comeback of the original cast, Criss and Frehley went up again at Kiss. Between 1996 and 2002, Frehley took with Kiss on the album Psycho Circus and completed three tours before in 2002 he left the group after the Farewell Tour again. In the following years, Frehley appeared in public hardly appear. In 2006, he overcame his drug and alcohol addiction, 2007, he started the recordings for Anomaly.

Frehley stated in interviews that he musically mainly from his solo album, published in 1978 have been guided. He first worked with Pro Tools, a digital recording process.

Much of the instruments played Frehley himself So he took on individual tracks the bass, rhythm, lead and acoustic guitars, the guitar synthesizer used were played by him. In addition, he designed the album cover and its layout.

Other musicians who participated on the album, drummer Scot Coogan were, Brian Tichy and Anton Fig, bassist Anthony Esposito ( Lynch Mob ) and guitarist Derrek Hawkins. The daughter of the singer Meat Loaf, Pearl Aday, and Kari Kimmel, Scot Coogan and co-producer Marti Frederiksen contributed backing vocals.

As on the debut album of his band Frehley 's Comet ( Rock Soldiers ) processed Frehley Anomaly on autobiographical themes. The song A Little Below the Angels addressed Frehley alcohol addiction, how to overcome them and its constitution in the fasting state.


Anomaly was released on 27 October 2009 and reached number 27 on the Billboard 200 Also from the criticism was assumed the album.

  • Rocks wrote: " What a great guitar player he is still proving the two instrumentals > Space Bear " and the fourth part of> Fractured <, titled > Fractured Quantum '. No outstanding comeback, but rock solid. "
  • commented: "Overall, Ace Frehley returns with > Anomaly from < a solid work. Although Frehley can convince with his guitar work. However, the songs lack some of wort and independence. For fans of classic hard rock elements anno 70er/80er-Jahre nevertheless a worthwhile disc. "
  • Metal said: " A masterpiece from 1978, not attacked, but with the publications of the 80s can > Anomaly < keep up anyway. "
  • Metal Hammer noted Frehley show on Anomaly " nothing Extraterrestrial or Abnormal ", but try ", for example, in a new edition of Fox On The Run, an absolute no-go for semi-professional Top 40 Bands, " and promulgated to " otherwise in artistic trivialities. "This album was" not necessarily a bad thing, but at most for Kiss disciples a must buy. "

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