Ansbert of Rouen

Ansbert of Rouen (* about 630 in Normandy, † probably February 9 693 in skin Mont ) was abbot of Fontenelle, Bishop of Rouen and Chancellor of the West Frankish kingdom.

Ansbert was the son of a powerful noble family and first clerk and later manager of the seal at the court of King Clotaire III. Before he entered the Abbey of Fontenelle. At the time the court he was married to Angadrisma who felt already before him the desire to lead a religious life, and through divine intervention ( as reported by the Vita) from his marriage to Ansbert could solve. Later she became the abbess of the convent of Oroër - of - Vierges.

After ordination Ansbert was 678, the third abbot of this monastery, and from 684 as successor to the Audoenus Archbishop of Rouen. Due to the role of the bishopric of Rouen as an important power base of the West Frankish Merovingian it should have been in opposition to the rising Carolingians. After the official elevation of his predecessor, who was a political opponent of the Carolingians to the Holy in 688 he was banished from Pippin the Middle to the monastery skin Mont, where he died probably 693. His biography and two preserved Latin poems in his honor to report, however, that he was exiled because of an intrigue.

His remains were transferred to the monastery of Saint groove wall and later spent a roundabout way to Ghent, where they remained until 1578, and disappeared only in the course of the Reformation.

The name means Ansbert The shining through God.

Memorial Day ( Catholic): February 9.