Angadrisma (* probably around 630 in Beauvais, † probably around 695 in Oroër - of - Vierges ) was a Catholic saint and abbess of Oroër - of - Vierges.

Angadrisma was the daughter of a powerful Frankish noble family at the court of Clotaire III. and the cousin of Lantbert, from which it was formed together with Audomar. Against her will, she was, however, married by her father Chrodebert with Ansbert of Rouen, in agreement with the father Siwinus. She prayed then to God that he would help her to become a nun. A short time later, she was of a disease ( possibly leprosy) disfigured and so the compound was dissolved. After that, she was completely healthy again and she received from Audoenus the nun's veil. She entered the convent of nuns Oroër - of - Vierges a near Beauvais, whose abbess was later.

During the Norman invasions in the 9th century her remains were transferred to Beauvais, she is still regarded as the patron saint of the city. In this environment, even in the 11th century was their first independent biography, which, however, largely accepts the information for the biography of Ansbert and adds only a few miracle stories related to Beauvais.

Memorial Day ( Catholic): October 14