Anthony Moore

Anthony Moore (also known as Anthony More, * 1948 ) is a British experimental musician, composer and producer. He was a founding member of the band Slapp Happy, worked with Henry Cow and recorded several solo albums. Moore co-wrote several songs by Pink Floyd. He worked with Richard Wright on his album Broken China ( 1996), with Kevin Ayers on various projects, and wrote lyrics to album Can not Look Away ( 1989) by Trevor Rabin. Since 1996, Moore has worked as a professor at the Academy of Media Arts Cologne, whose rector he was in the years 2000 to 2004.

Life and work

Anthony Moore and Peter Blegvad, both students at St. Christopher School in Letchworth, played in various bands. After school Moore studied classical Indian music in 1969 Viram Jasani and wrote his first film score for David Larcher's Mare 's Tale. 1971 Moore moved to Hamburg, where he recorded two albums with experimental music. In 1972, Blegvad also to Hamburg, and together with Moore's girlfriend and later wife Dagmar Krause founded the avant- pop band Slapp Happy.

With the German rock band Faust, they recorded two albums. Polydor released in 1972 the album Sort Of, however, refused the follow-up album Casablanca Moon. Then, the band moved to London and took Casablanca Moon new to Virgin Records on. The album was released in 1974 as Slapp Happy.

1974 and 1975 played Slapp Happy with Henry Cow Artrockband the two albums a, Desperate Straights and In Praise of Learning. Despite the success initially left swamps and then Blegvad the project to start a solo career, respectively. Krause stayed with Henry Cow; Slapp Happy was completed. 1982/83, 1997 and 2000, there were short musical reunions of Slapp Happy, and in 1991 the three musicians worked together on the television opera project Camera ( from an idea by Krause, Music Moore, Blegvad text ).

In 1977, with Virgin Moore's solo album out where Kevin Ayers and Andy Summers had cooperated. Since ceased not a commercial success, Virgin ended the contract with Moore. With smaller record labels, he released the album Flying Does not Help ( 1978) and World Service (1981). Moore worked in the episode as a freelance composer and wrote songs and film scores. Among the albums he produced one of the debut album of This Heat (1979). He worked with Pink Floyd on two albums, A Momentary Lapse of Reason (1987) and The Division Bell (1994).

1996 Moore was appointed professor at the Academy of Media Arts Cologne, whose rector he was in the years 2000 to 2004 and where he still works today.

In 2002, Moore, along with Jörg Lindenmaier and Peter C. Simon the trio LMS that occurred in France and Germany.


Bands and projects

  • Sort Of (1972, LP, Polydor )
  • Slapp Happy ( also known as Casablanca Moon ) (1974, LP, Virgin Records )
  • Acnalbasac Noom (1980, LP, Recommended Records )
  • Ça Va (1997, CD, V2 Records)
  • Live in Japan (2000, CD, FMN Records)
  • Desperate Straights (1974, LP, Virgin Records )
  • In Praise of Learning (1975, LP, Virgin Records )
  • Camera (2000, CD, Blueprint Records)


  • Pieces from the Cloudland Ballroom (1971, LP, Polydor )
  • Reed Whistle and Sticks (1972, LP, Polydor )
  • Secrets of the Blue Bag (1972, LP, Polydor )
  • Out (1976, LP, Virgin Records )
  • Flying Does not Help (1978, LP, Quango Music Group )
  • World Service (1981, LP, Do It Records)
  • The Only Choice (1984, LP, Parlophone )
  • "Johnny 's Dead " / " Mr.Rainbow " (1975, 7 ", Virgin Records )
  • "Catch a Falling Star " / " Back to the Top " (1976, 7 ", Virgin Records )
  • " World Service " / " Diving Girl" (1981, 7 ", Do It Records DUN 16)