Antonius von Steichele

Anton Steichele ( born January 22, 1816 in Mertingen; † October 9, 1889 in Freising ) was a German Roman Catholic priest and church historian, as well as from 1878 to 1889 Archbishop of Munich and Freising. His name is known today primarily through the written by him church and local history monumental work The bishopric of Augsburg.

Life and work

The oldest of 10 children of Rotgerbers Anton Steichele attended the Latin School from 1826 to 1833 in Dillingen. 1833-1835 he studied philosophy at the local secondary school, from 1835 Catholic Theology at the University of Munich. His teachers there included Johann Adam Mohler and Ignaz von Dollinger. His living he earned during this time as a private tutor. On August 28, 1838 Steichele was ordained a priest. Further studies at the University of Munich joined in, which should prepare him for a philological teaching. At the same time he was tutor ( tutor ) of the State Council of the later Franz von Berks family and settled with this in 1839 to Landshut. There he learned the Augsburg Bishop Peter of Richarz as a friend of the family know you better. In 1841 he was Vicar and Episcopal archivist in Augsburg, where he also worked as a catechist at the local educational establishment St. Anna. On April 27, 1844, he was appointed to Richarz ' episcopal secretary and spiritual advice, elected on December 30, 1847 in the Augsburg Cathedral Chapter, the Provost (Chairman), he was on 9 August 1873.

Steichele lived a very retired and devoted himself almost entirely to the history of science. He published several works on church history, including a ten volumes Augsburg diocese description, from which he was able to complete about a third. After his death the work of others was indeed continued, but ultimately remained unfinished as the planned first band on the general diocesan history and the city of Augsburg itself never appeared. On July 4, 1870 Steichele was awarded the Doctorate of Munich faculty of theology because of his service to the church history.

On April 30, 1878 Steichele was nominated by King Ludwig II as Archbishop of Munich and Freising, on 15 July 1878 by Pope Leo XIII. präkonisiert and consecrated on 13 October 1878 Bishop. He received his episcopal consecration of the Bishop of Augsburg, Pankratius of spelled. By Order of Merit of the Bavarian Crown Steichele was also raised in the Bavarian personal knighthood.

As archbishop, he was responsible for the construction of several parishes for the rapidly growing population of Munich. In his position as archbishop was Steichele Imperial Council of the Crown Bavaria, so a member of the secret, which meets the upper house of Bavarian Landtag. Politically, he championed the observance of the Bavarian Concordat of 1817 and a major religious influence on education. He was in the years of the Kulturkampf as a balancing force. His efforts to regain his excommunicated and the Old Catholicism facing teachers Dollinger for the Roman Catholic Church remained in vain.

Steichele died after a long illness in 1889 in Freising and was buried in the Munich Frauenkirche.


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