Apl.de.ap (* November 28, 1974 in Pampanga, Sapangbato, Angeles City, Philippines; Allan Pineda Lindo actually ), is an American musician. apl.de.ap, whose mother Filipina and his father is African-American, is a member of the successful hip- hop group The Black Eyed Peas.


Allan grew up in a poor neighborhood in Angeles City until he was adopted at age 14 by an American family and moved to the United States.

His father was a U.S. airman stationed at Clark Air Base. He left his mother and his six other siblings shortly after his birth. Allan grew up in the countryside in between corn and cassava fields.

The Pearl S. Buck Foundation, which specializes in beminderte children in developing countries, focused on Allan and found a suitable sponsor named Joe Ben Hudgens. First, at the age of 11 years, Allan flew to the United States to be treated against his illness nystagmus.

As he drove for the first time to Disneyland, he showed increased interest in the United States. However, it will take three more years to Hudgens finally caught up with him there and eventually adopted him.

In Los Angeles, finally, he attended the John Marshall High School in which will.i.am was also at that time. He made ​​friends with this closely and established both a breakdancing crew called Tribal Nation (later Atban Klann ). His greatest muses were the likes of Stevie Wonder and The Beatles. But even then, he never lost his descent from his eyes and was such a big fan of ASIN, a Filippino - rock group.

In 1995, founded finally Taboo, will.i.am and he the band The Black Eyed Peas with whom he still can celebrate his greatest success to date. He himself had with all the members a very good relationship, but especially with his childhood friend will.i.am.

He emphasizes its roots in some of the songs, which are often in Tagalog and in which it is almost entirely about the Philippines and life goes there. Therefore, he is a role model for many Filipinos around the world, not least because of the song Bebot, which is on the 2005 album Monkey Business. More songs with Tagalog influences are: Mama Filippina, Mare, You can dream, The Apl Song and Take Me to the Philippines.

He describes himself as a Filipino - American.


Allan has a very close relationship with his family. He was looking for his mother, Christina Pineda, self-employed with 17 years in the Philippines. His mother also played in his clip mom Filippina his real mother. Allan was / is very upset over the loss of two of his brothers. He dedicated the lines from "The Apl Song" " I guess sometimes life's stress get you down / Oh brother, wish I could have helped you out " his brother Arne Pineda, had committed suicide which. Furthermore, he lost in February 2009, his youngest brother Joven Pineda deala at the age of 22 years. He was shot by the Philippine Mafia in his car in Pampanga.


Allan has suffered since his childhood at the eye tremor syndrome, called nystagmus. It causes both extreme myopia and color blindness. The musician described the disease as a motivation for the Hip- Hop.

Songs ( selection)

  • Bebot (ft. The Black Eyed Peas)
  • The Apl Song ( ft. The Black Eyed Peas)
  • Dance (ft. Jeepney Music)
  • On The Dancefloor (David Guetta ft. will.i.am and Apl.de.ap )
  • Spaceship ( Benny Benassi ft. Kelis, Apl.de.ap and Jean -Baptiste )
  • We Can Be Anything
  • Gettin 'dumb ( will.i.am ft. Apl.de.ap and 2NE1 )


  • Behind the Front ( 1998)
  • Bridging the Gap ( 2000)
  • Elephunk (2003)
  • Monkey Business (2005)
  • The E.N.D (2009)
  • The Beginning (2010)


  • 2008: Special Citation - Myx Music Awards
  • 2010: Best Hip-Hop/Rap Performance: Take Me to the Philippines - Filipino - American Vocal Arts Society Online Music Awards