Army Girl

Army Girl is an American Western from 1938 with Madge Evans and Preston Foster in the lead roles. It was the first Oscar-nominated film for Republic Pictures.


Captain Dike Conger is in charge of the army leadership thus, the benefits to convince the conservative elements in the 31st Cavalry Regiment of the advantages of the newly developed small tanks in the field. He falls head over heels for Julie Armstrong, the daughter of the commander. Together they manage to prove the superiority of the tank. In an attack on dike come commander and his best friend died. An intrigue leading to the conviction of Dike before a military court, but Julie brings the end, the truth and the real culprit is caught.


Republic Pictures was called, together with Monogram Pictures due to its limited financial and artistic resources as Poverty Row. The studio had specialized in the production of cost- Western and serial. The only well-known star was John Wayne. Army Girl With the slow rise of the studio that brought increasingly elaborate productions in theaters began. The cast consisted of more or less well-known name, but which had passed the zenith of its popularity already long or remained in the status of supporting actors.

Madge Evans, after initial successes, managed in 1931 as a child star to successful transition into the compartment of the young naive, retired to de appearance in Army Girl from the canvas back.


At the Academy Awards in 1939, the film received nominations in the categories

  • Best Camera
  • Best Original Soundtrack
  • Best Sound