ASJ Soyaux

The Association Sportive Jeunesse Soyaux - Charente, ASJ Soyaux short, is a French sports club from Soyaux, located near Angoulême; the club has acquired through his wife footballers nationwide reputation. His club colors are blue and white; their games carries out the Ligaelf in local Stade Bernard- Delage, which offers around 400 spectators, or at the Stade Camille Lebon of Angoulême.


Founded as the Women's football department of the then AS Soyaux hot the club that in 1968, prior to the legalization of the sport by the French Football Federation FFF. That same year, the women's organization played in the traditional in the Poitou -Charentes folk festivals at the end of the first games against start-ups from Angoulême and Ruelle -sur -Touvre. In the from 1974/75 discharged finals at the national championship Soyaux ' players reached the finals for the first time in 1980, in which it the dominant women of the 1970s were subject to Stade Reims 0-2. The club operated in the then about 50 women football, broke up in 1982, but was shortly afterwards as ASJ Soyaux again. Two years later Soyaux again reached the French final; it met the soccer players on the antretenden in the 1980 Reims ' successor series winners of the VGA Saint -Maur, they were able to defeat 1-0 and the national champion brought in the Charente. Then three more times the catchment succeeded the ASJ to the final, where they but 1986 and 1987, losing to Saint -Maur and 1989, albeit on penalties, against Saint Brieuc Chaffoteaux sport.

When the FFF at the start of season 1992/93 introduced a uniform highest women's league, the ASJ Soyaux was one of the founding members and was until 2010 included continuously in it. In the Eternal table it ranks third behind Juvisy FCF and Montpellier. However, she succeeded only in 1996 once again the runner-up. At the beginning of the 2010s has Soyaux in alternate years shuttled between first and second division; currently (2013 ) playing about 150 girls and women in the club. In contrast, the ASJ never reached the French Women's Cup, which was introduced in 2001/ 02, yet a final. This requires from the club a number of national players emerged or have played for him.


  • French Champion: 1984 ( and runner-up in 1980, 1986, 1987, 1989, 1996)

Well-known former players

  • Sylvie Bailly
  • Anne -Laure Casseleux
  • Bernadette Constantin
  • Corinne Diacre (2010 to 2013, coach of the ASJ )
  • Corine Franco
  • Candie Herbert
  • Michèle Mani
  • Ophélie Meilleroux
  • Françoise Paulhac
  • Florence Rimbault
  • Siga Tandia
  • Nathalie Tarade