Atlantic Airways

Atlantic Airways (on Faroese also: Atlantsflog ) is an airline based in Sørvágur.


Atlantic Airways was established on November 10, 1987. Initially, the company was part of the Danish Cimber Air, it is today but 100% in Faroese government property. The first flight of the Atlantic Airways was held on 28 March 1988.

At its seat at the airport Vágar the necessary local infrastructure had to be created with a new hangar only.

Since 1994, Atlantic Airways operates alongside the international flights with its four BAe 146-200 also the internal traffic on the Faroese helicopter lines. The helicopter service existed since 1984 and was previously under the care of the local shipping company Strandfaraskip Landsins.

Since 1995, the Company, the scoffers once predicted a quick end flies, as in Denmark and Iceland to. In cooperation with Icelandair in Summer Narsarsuaq is also served in Greenland. Since 1998, the line is made to Aberdeen, from 2002, was added in Oslo.

2004 were obtained for Atlantic Airways new challenges. The competitors Maersk Air withdrew from the Faroe route back, and since November 1, 2004 Atlantic Airways is the only airline that flies to and from the Faroe Islands. Already in the summer of that year, therefore, a third BAe 146-200 was purchased later as a RJ -100 fourth machine.

On 15 May 2006 the Faroese competitive society FaroeJet started its operations.

In the summer of 2006 Atlantic Airways first flew Shetland - with onward flight to London. New to the program are also Aalborg in Denmark and Stavanger in Norway.

Since November 14, 2007 Atlantic Airways is listed on the Icelandic Stock Exchange ( OMX ). As a first step towards privatization for the time being one-third of the shares chapter of the airline is to be offered for sale.


As of July 2013, the fleet of Atlantic Airways consists of four aircraft and two helicopters:

  • 2 Airbus A319 (1 leased from Air Malta )
  • 1 BAe ARJ100
  • 1 BAe ARJ85
  • 2 Bell 412


  • On 10 October 2006, the BAe 146-200 OY -CRG crashed Atlantic Airways in Stord ( Norway), she was on a charter flight to Molde. The machine came off during deceleration of the runway and immediately caught fire. Of the 16 occupants were able to bring twelve to safety before the plane exploded. Among the four fatalities, there was a Faroese stewardess, the other three were Norwegian workers.