Axel Gustav Adlercreutz

Axel Gustaf Adlercreutz ( born March 2, 1821 in Skara, Västergötland, Sweden, † May 20, 1880 in Stockholm) was a Swedish statesman, who served as Justitiestatsminister 1870-1874 both Prime Minister and Minister of Justice of Sweden.


The nephew of General Carl Johan Adlercreutz began after the school in 1838 to study Law at Uppsala University and earned a Master of Law in 1845. He then entered the Swedish Court of Appeal a ( Svea Hovrätten ) and was promoted in 1853 to the assessor. According to a 1857 activity started as an auditor, he was from 1860 to 1868 and President Judge of Appeal in Jönköping ( Göta Hovrätten ).

Despite his criticism of Justitiestatsminister Louis De Geer, he was appointed in 1868 to from this civil minister in his cabinet, followed him on June 3, 1870 Office of the Justitiestatsminister and was thus not only the Minister of Justice, but also the head of the Cabinet.

In the following years he campaigned for the drafting of a new law to the savings and improvements in the prison system. However, in the army question he managed no solution, but could initially continue to govern, though he presented the 1871 confidence vote in the Reichstag. Following a vote defeat in the First Chamber, he finally resigned on 8 April 1874 and was replaced on May 4 1874 by Edvard Carleson as Justitiestatsminister.

1877 he was appointed Prefect of Malmö and represented the city between 1877 and his death in 1880 in the Second Chamber of the Diet. He has at times been chairman of the Landtmannapartiet, where he both opposition to the government De Geer moved in this time and this again supported the army in question individual issues.

In addition to his political activities, he was Mitbegründeter and board member of the Evangelical Homeland Foundation ( Evangeliska Fosterlandsstiftelsen ), which he chaired from 1857 to 1867.