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Ayumi Hamasaki (浜崎 あゆみor Japanese浜 崎 歩, Hamasaki Ayumi ( Hiraganaはまさき あゆみ), born October 2, 1978 in Fukuoka, Fukuoka Prefecture) is one of the most successful J-pop singers. Also known as Ayu, Hamasaki is one of the most popular pop singers in Japan and is known as " the Empress of J-Pop ". She grew up in her hometown of Fukuoka, before she moved to Tokyo to start a career in the entertainment industry. With the release of 14 studio albums, five Extended Plays, six compilations, 50 singles (including digital singles ) and numerous remix albums sold since their debut single Poker Face more than 50 million records in Japan alone. This was still no Japanese solo artist before her.

The 39th single Startin ' / Born to Be ... made ​​her the artist with the most number one hits in Japan. 38 of their singles position 1 and a total of 48 of their singles reached with the release of their single L in 2010, the top 10 in the Oricon charts in Japan. It has 25 number one hits in a row starting with the Single Free & Easy from 2002 to today. She is also the only Japanese artist whose first eight albums reached the top of the charts.

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Childhood and first steps into the music industry

Ayumi was born in Fukuoka and brought up by her mother and grandmother after her father had left in Hamasaki's third year of life the family. With seven years she worked partly as a local model in order to earn some money for her family.

At the age of 14 years Hamasaki went and again from Fukuoka to Tokyo for odd jobs. She used in inexpensive film appearances and B-movies the pseudonym Kurumi Hamazaki. However Hamasaki not posted much success in their talent agency and after graduation in junior high school, she decided to attend the Senior High School in Tokyo.

Hamasaki was considered too small for the business model and allowed to finally fall from their talent agency. She wore short skirts, colored her hair and fought with the school until this finally gave up. This decision met them at the time when her mother moved for a new profession to Tokyo. Hamasaki moved then with her mother in an apartment. She spent the day shopping with daytime and at night with dancing.

Hamasaki's first professional musical aspirations were reinforced in the rap scene. On 1 December 1995 their first album, Nothing from Nothing was posted in cooperation with Dohzi -T and DJ Bass at the label Nippon Columbia. When her album missed the chart entry, she was dismissed by her label.

Ayumi Hamasaki fell to her future producer Masato Matsuura on the Velfarre, a disco record label Avex Trax. Matsuura asked her if she had interest in a singing career, but Hamasaki was against him suspicious and refused. Matsuura held but fixed during the following year at the offer until Hamasaki agreed and took singing lessons.

According to her teachers, she was too rigid and their services too weak because they did not attend the classes for the most part. When they Matsuura had confessed this, he sent her to New York for a training course. During their stay there they Matsuura suggested in a letter before to write their own lyrics, and then got the consent of the producer.

Music career

1998-1999: A Song for XX and Loveppears

In April 1998, Hamasaki's debut single, Poker Face was released under Avex and reached number 20 on the Oricon charts. A similar fate befell her second single You, which also peaked at number 20. With Hamasaki's third single trust, the position reached 9, the first time she succeeded in entering the Top 10 The 4th Single For My Dear ... appeared on 7 October 1997 and reached number 9 as its predecessor in the charts. Depend on You, the fifth single by Ayumi Hamasaki, was number 6 in the weekly Oricon charts and was used as the theme song for the video game Thousand Arms. Hamasaki's debut album A Song for XX, which appeared on 1 January 1999, held the top position on the Oricon charts for 5 weeks.

Hamasaki earned her first number - one hit with their seventh single, Love: Destiny, which was produced by Tsunku. Your eighth single To Be, which was released a month later, had not the chance to tie the success, reaching only number 4 in the charts. Hamasaki's ninth single Boys & Girls not only reached again the top position in the charts, but also became their first single, which sold over 1 million copies. Simultaneously with the publication of Boys & Girls Ayumi Hamasaki followed the trend of the music industry and brought her singles increased to 12 cm discs, rather than the 8 cm discs on the market. The increased memory capacity has been used for more remix tracks on their singles.

When their tenth single A in August 1999 appeared, it was units sold at their most successful single with more than 1.6 million. On 19 November 1999, published simultaneously Hamasaki Appears their second studio album and the single Loveppears. Loveppears rose to the top of the charts and has sold over 2 million copies. After the album's release two singles from the album were planned out. Kanariya was published in December of the year and Fly High in February 2000 in a limited edition.

2000-2001: Duty and I Am ...

In 2000, Ayumi Hamasaki advertising spokesperson for the Japanese cosmetics manufacturer KOSE. When the first promotional videos were aired for a lipstick with it, the product sold in the first two days, over 500,000 copies. Their single Vogue, which was used as background music, it sold over 700,000 copies in Japan. Hamasaki also was also advertising spokeswoman for Tu- Ka, a Japanese mobile phone distributors whose phones they marketed. From April to June 2000, she released the three singles Vogue, Far Away and Seasons. Seasons won the first prize at the text " Japan Record Awards" in 2000. September 27, their seventeenth single Surreal appeared simultaneously with their third studio album, Duty. The album brought it not only as its predecessors No. 1 on the charts but also sold over 3 million copies and thus became the best-selling studio album of Ayumi Hamasaki. In December 2000, the single M was released and became Hamasaki's fourth single, which sold over 1 million copies. M also opened a new chapter in her music, she took more influence and to write under her pseudonym CREA own songs began. In the following, after shortly after the release of their single Never Ever Hamasaki was brought about by pressure of her label Avex Trax to publish their first compilation called A Best. The album was released in the same week as the studio album by Utada Hikaru entitled Distance. The match between the singers, which was mainly directed by their labels, led to the great success of the two albums. A Best and distance were the two best-selling albums of the year.

In December 2001, after the series of single publication including Endless Sorrow, Unite! Dearest and the single A Song Is Born released that emerged from the project Song Nation with Keiko. Through this project, songs were published by various famous artists in Japan to collect donations for the victims of the terrorist attacks on 11 September 2001. On January 1, 2002, her fourth album, I Am ... was published and sold as the previous albums 2 million copies.

I Am ... consists of songs that express loneliness and confusion, as many first of Hamasaki's songs. After the attacks of September 11, she decided the album to new revise to focus their lyrics on topics such as faith and world peace basket. A song is born was particularly affected by the mood of the events.

2002-2003: Rainbow and Memorial Address

The release of the single Free & Easy in April brought changes in Hamasaki's singles with it. The number of remixes was reduced and the playing time of a CD thus reduced. Your 27 Single H was released in July of the same year and was sold over a million sound recordings, the most successful single of the year in Japan. Compared to their previous single A 3 A-side, H contained no remix tracks. Their next single Voyage was marketed with the short film Tsuki ni Shizumu and held the top position on the Oricon charts for 3 weeks. Hamasaki's next studio album Rainbow was published on 18 December 2002. It sold in the first week, over one million copies. Many of the songs were co-written by her under the pseudonym CREA and the songs were reinforced English text. In each album a password has been specified, with which the buyers could log onto a special page on the Internet, on an instrumental version of the title track was included and a matching Rainbow lyrics could be sent. The song was recorded on the album only as a non-existent track 00 and finally came out on the KompilationA Ballads in March 2003.

After nine months since the last single was released in July 2003 Single &. As the singles H and A also had these three A-side and B-side in addition the song Theme of A- Nation '03. Hamasaki's next single forgiveness was published on 1 September and reached over 220,000 sales also # 1 on the charts. After their next single No Way to Say in November, Hamasaki's first mini-album Memorial Address appeared consisting of the last three singles and three new songs. The album was available in a CD and CD DVD version and made it as the first mini-album in Japan to break the 1 million mark in sales.

2004-2006: My Story and ( miss) understood

In the fall of 2004, the single moment appeared - in a pure CD version and a CD / DVD combination. All subsequent singles have been put on the market in these two formats. Moments was her last song, which was marketed in a promotional video with products of the company KOSE, since their contract expired with KOSE. Your sixth studio album My Story was published in December. With over 570,000 units sold in the first week and 1.1 million total it reached # 1 on the charts and went platinum. It was the second most sold album by a female singer in Japan in 2005.

Single number 35 Step You / Is This Love? was published in April 2005. Both songs were by TV Videos from Panasonic ( Step You ) and Morinaga chocolate ( Is This Love? ) Advertised. The single was number 1 on the daily, weekly and monthly charts and was with more than 345,000 units of its best-selling single in 2005. Their 36th single Fairyland offered 2 different cover variations for the CD only version and the CD / DVD combination of. Heaven, their 37th single, was the theme song for the movie Shinobi - Heart Under Blade. The title of Will was another song that she produced under her pseudonym CREA. It was her 12th consecutive number - one single after " Free & Easy ". Ayus 38 Single, Bold & Delicious / Pride, was able to secure No. 1 on the weekly Oricon charts despite sluggish sales for a short time. Thus, they equaled the record of 25 number - one singles, until then the singer Seiko Matsuda stopped.

2006-2007: Secret and A Best 2

When Ayumi's 39th single Startin ' / Born to Be ... placed No. 1 on the Oricon charts, breaking the previous record of Seiko Matsuda was broken. It was Ayumi's 26th single, which reached # 1 on the charts. Startin ' was the theme song of the Playstation 2 game Onimusha: Dawn of Dreams, while Rainy Day - Understood published on the album (Miss ) - the ending theme was. Born to Be ... was the official song for the 2006 Winter Olympics of the Japanese Nihon TV station. Your conducted concert tour Ayumi Hamasaki Arena Tour 2006: (Miss ) Understood was with 30 concerts in 3 months their biggest tour to date. Their 40th single, Blue Bird, was their 15th consecutive and 27th number - one single. The songs contained on it were also heard in promotional videos - Bluebird in a Zespri Gold kiwi and Beautiful Fighters in a Panasonic D-snap/D-dock-Werbespot. For September 2006, the single " 1Love / Jewel " was announced. However, it was decided after a short time to record another new song from the single and an EP ( Extended Play ) titled "Secret" to make. This, too, was revised again: On November 29, her eighth studio album was released with 14 tracks. However, the name "Secret" remained. The eponymous song Secret was also the theme song of the movie Confession of Pain.

White and A Best 2 - - On February 28, 2007, the two Compilations A Best 2 Black appeared in 4 versions. There was one limited CD version with 2 DVDs and a pure CD version. All versions include selected songs that have appeared between the singles and Evolution Bold & Delicious / Pride. A Best 2 - White contains beat -up songs. On the two DVDs, music videos can be seen to the songs and the live concert Best of Countdown Live 2006 /07. A Best 2 - Black, however, contains ballads. On the two DVDs the music videos for the songs and a backstage report for Countdown Concert Live are / to see in 2006 07. White Album # 1 and A Best 2 - - On 17 March 2007, the A Best 2 Black occupied the second place in the Unites World Charts. This makes it the first singer who was able to record this success for themselves. From March to June 2007 was Ayumi's Tour " Ayumi Hamasaki Asia Tour 2007: Tour of Secret " instead. She gave concerts in Japan, Taiwan, Shanghai and Hong Kong. The 41 single Glitter / Fated ranked # 1 on the Oricon charts. The song Fated is the theme song for the Japanese horror film Kaidan. Under the title Kyoai - Distance Love has also created a 18- minute short film, consisting of the compilation of music videos for both songs. The sale of its 42 single Talkin ' 2 Myself / Decision progress was slow, but was able to secure No. 1 on the charts with 70,000 copies sold in its first week. On 5 December 2007 Together When ... appeared as an exclusive download single in Japan. A release as a single, it was not. Your birthday you could celebrate in an unusual way. The label Avex has in the computer simulation Second Life a field name " Avex Iceland ". Here was a virtual celebration, could participate in the fans. Likewise, their single Talkin ' 2 Myself / Decision there was advertised.

2008: 10th Anniversary

On 30 and 31 December 2007 was Ayumi's traditional New Year's concert entitled Ayumi Hamasaki Countdown Live 2007-2008 10th Anniversary instead. Ayumi headed with this concert a concert series to their 10th stage anniversary in 2008. One Asia Tour in Spring / Summer 2008 under the motto followed.

On 1 January 2008 her album Guilty appeared as usual in a CD and a CD DVD version. The DVD contains the music videos for the album, the accompanying making- ofs and consisting of the compilation of music videos Glitter / Fated Short distance love. In addition, it contains the first pressing the photo book " Guilty ". On 12 March 2008 appeared under the name Ayumi Hamasaki Asia Tour 2007 A: Tour of Secret - Live Documentary a compilation of their 2007 Asia tour which took place in a 2- DVD version. In addition, published on March 26, with the two new remix albums Ayu- mi-x 6: Gold and Ayu- mi-x 6: Silver their first remix albums since 2003 Your published on 8 April 2008 single " Mirrocle World". was number 1 on the Oricon charts. This single was released in two versions. One version included the title "You " and the other entitled " Depend on You " in a " 10th Anniversary " version. On 10 September 2008, the Single - A Complete Collection has been published all singles. It always contains the first song of the singles Poker Face to Mirrorcle World. Furthermore, there was a 10th Anniversary version of the song ' Who ... who was also available as a Chinese record. The singles released on 17 December 2008 Days / Green and Green / Days " also contained two 10th Anniversary versions on the single Green / Days " it was a re-recording of the song To Be and on the single Days / Green, it was a re-recording of the song Love: Destiny. The single reached # 1 on the Oricon charts. New Year's Eve 2008 was Ayumi their New Year countdown concert entitled Premium Live 2008 ~ 2009 A. She sang almost all the songs they had never sung live.

2009-2010: Next Level, Rock ' n' Roll Circus & Road to 50th

On 25 February 2009 the Single Rule / Sparkle was released in three versions. There was a CD DVD version, and two CD-only versions. On one CD-only version, there is a Acoustic version and a remix of the song Green and on the other CD-only version of a Acoustic Version and a remix of the song Days. All three versions are also two remixes of the title song Rule to the movie Dragonball Evolution. Sparkle is running in the background of commercials from Honda. On 25 March 2009, the album Next Level was published. It is available in a CD-only version, a CD DVD version, a 2CD DVD version, and for the first time in a USB flash drive version. The 2CD DVD version on the second CD contains live audio tracks sung by the first live songs from Premium Countdown Live 2008-2009 A. The USB flash drive has a storage capacity of 2 GB. Of these, 800 MB through the fourteen songs in mp3 format, as well as six videos in mp4 format are occupied. The USB stick has the shape of the "10th Anniversary" logo. The concert double DVD from Premium Countdown Live 2008-2009 A was released on May 13, 2009 On August 12, 2009 Ayumi's 46th single Sunrise / Sunset appeared. Love Is All in the two usual options. Love Is All and Sunset: On the CD version of the theme songs are Sunrise Love Is All and a Fairyland Glitter Blue Bird Grateful Days- July 1st Mega -Mash - Up Mix hear. The CD DVD combination, there was additionally the two music videos that are in similar style. On December 29, her single You Were ... / Ballad respectively Ballad / You Were .... appeared to December 29, 2009 to January 1, 2010 was Ayumi's Tour Countdown Live 2009-2010 A: Future Classics instead.

On April 11, 2010 started their new arena tour "Rock ' n' Roll Circus ", starting from the more than 20,000 people comprehensive Saitama Super Arena, before April 14, the eponymous album "Rock ' n' Roll Circus " was released. For the recording of the album, traveled Ayumi, in January of this year, according to London to record their sound recordings and to turn some music videos. Fast matching its anniversary on April 8, Ayumi began, like many other artists as well, to use a Twitter account, which already counted 80,000 followers a few days after the opening on April 22. Ayumi brought 14 July 2010 out their 48th single Moon / Blossom. This was followed at short intervals single number 49 Cross Road and their 50th single L. On the occasion of this anniversary, they held seven days at the Yoyogi National Gymnasium Concert Rock ' n' Roll Circus Tour Final: 7 days Special from. Your twelfth studio album Love Songs was released on December 22, 2010. Moreover, appeared with the title Dream On the same day a collaborative single by Ayumi Urata Naoya and, lead singer of J- pop group AAA and one of her former backing dancer.

2011: "Power of Music" and Five

Due to the earthquake disaster in Japan on 11 March 2011 Ayumi donated an amount of 30 million yen (about 261 200 euro ) to the Japanese Red Cross. At the same time, she designed in collaboration with the magazine ViVi a T-shirt whose proceeds were also donated. As with many other Japanese artists planned for March CD and DVD releases have been postponed by a few weeks. Your planned concert tour Hotel Love Songs has been moved to May and renamed the Power of Music. On April 20, four remix albums were published, as published on this day a concert DVD and a live DVD recordings of their 50 singles. Since all four albums simultaneously placed in the top 10 of the Oricon Charts ( Seats 4 to 7 ), she was the first singer of Japan's managed this. Similarly, both DVD placed in the top 10 (No. 1 and 2 on the Oricon DVD charts ), and this was achieved before nor any Japanese singer. Another record she set on May 4 - with over 2.313 million DVD sales overtook the group Morning Musume, who could sell a total of 2.303 million DVD and sat down at the head of the Japanese female singers with most DVD sales.

For August 31, 2011 she released her third extended play (EP ) which they titled Five. It is their first EP in 2003 and remained in a row at # 1 on the charts for two weeks, it also sold more than 200,000 times. It was also recognized by the RIAJ with gold.

Since 2012: 15th Anniversary and declining popularity

Already on 21 March 2012, she released her 13th studio album Party Queen without previously advertise with singles for the album. This is Ayumi's first studio album, which was released with no known songs. Some songs she presented, however, already in her Countdown Live 2011-2012 concert. After the release of their compilation A Summer Best, August 8, 2012, it was announced that Ayumi Hamasaki has officially sold 50 million panels in Japan, and thus is the first Japanese or Asian artist who has managed this. Before there were already hints that they should have sold so much, now it has been officially confirmed. The theme song from A Summer Best was called You & Me, for which there was also a music video. Two digital remix singles to You & Me, were published on 12 September 2012, including a remix of Shin'ichi Osawa. Finally, also published on 23 September, the digital single Song 4 U, which was used as the theme song for the PlayStation 3 game Tales Of Xillia 2. It was announced that Ayumi will bring their ingesammt fourth EP on the market, on 8 November 2012. The EP is called Love and has three new titles from a total of twelve tracks ( including remixes and instrumentals ). For vortex caused give informations and you raised the question as to why this was not classified as a single because the single A ( from 1999 ) was home to 14 tracks and was marketed as a single. The record company Avex expressed that they wanted to continue the record of 25 number 1 singles, but you have not yet felt ready for it. Because with her ​​studio album Party Queen and their compilation A Summer Best she landed at # 2 in Japanese Oricon charts.

For her 15-year stage anniversary they will release five new recordings in five months following. Started this project with the EP Love, will follow on December 8, January 8, February 8 and March 8 other new publications, it said. Finally, they published on 8 December 2012, the fifth EP, which is called Again. Their official fan club, TeamAyu, organized a survey by consulting with members about their favorite songs by Ayumi. Then it turned out that the survey has influenced the release on January 8, 2013 - because the fans have the track list for the third project, "A Classical " is determined. The album is a remix album in the classic style, like its predecessor My Story Classical, from the year 2005.

The fourth release from the project, was their 14th studio album, Love Again, and thus was published on 8 February 2013. The album consists of their previously released EPs and Love Again, together forms the title of the studio album and a further seven titles, announced on the album. However, the album was able to sell only up to 90,000-fold and makes this their first studio album, which failed to break the 100,000 mark. The latest release from the project was a video release, Arena Tour 2012 A: Hotel Love Songs, which has its Arena Tour 2012 recorded and was released on March 8, 2013. Finally, she published on 8 April 2013, another video release Countdown Live 2012-2013 A: Wake Up, but not part of the project. In all five publications of her 15 - year stage anniversary, there were codes that one could later on April 8, send it in and thus was able to download exclusively through TeamAyu the final song Tell All for free. This was the day on which she released her debut single, Poker Face 15 years ago. In addition, they were also celebrating another concert tour under the name 15th Anniversary Tour: A Best Live. To this end, fans were allowed to opt out of 50 songs, which are sung and among the 50 selectable songs there were, among others, their song Kanariya that she had until then never sung live. The tour started on April 13 and went until 28 July 2013. Their first live album, which refers to the 15th Anniversary tour, one published in October 2013, a Blu -ray and DVD version was later published the same month. In October it was announced their 51st single, entitled Feel the Love / Merry- go-round, which will be released on December 25, 2013, and thus is their first single after three years.

The single reached in the first week to fifth place on the Oricon charts and thus ended her record of most top-ranked singles in a row in Japan. For the film, she sang the title Buddha 2 song titled Pray, which was released digitally on 27 January 2014. For the premiere, she also appeared in Paris.



Ayumi was with the singer and actor Tomoya Nagase since her acting career and made ​​their relationship public in 2001. Six years later, the media speculated that the wedding will be. However Ayumi announced on 13 July 2007 that they were separated. However, it was given no explanation for the separation known. But she said that they collapse or drift apart went amicably and remain friends.

On January 2, 2011 Ayumi announced that she has a day earlier married the Austrian actor Manuel Schwarz in a chapel in Las Vegas. They met at the video shoot to get to Virgin Road, in the Manuel played her husband. After that, he also appeared in the video for Last Angel and Love Song. Finally, she announced on January 18, 2012 announced its intention to divorce her husband, Austrian actor Manuel Schwarz. The reason is stated that both would have lived apart in March 2011 by the earthquake in Japan, since Ayumi had to draw their plans in the U.S., abandoned. However, the suspect Colorful revealing photos of black as the reason.

For the November 14, 2012 Ayumi announced through her ​​TeamAyu blog that she and her dancers Maro (real name: Uchiyama Maroka ) was together in a serious relationship. A day later, even an article about it in a magazine it was reported that this was also been her own wish, because she wanted to hear any false speculation and rumors. They also wanted it no more hiding. Maro explained this as the same day as Ayumi on his blog. Suddenly the news broke, be that both apart. After Maro was appointed as a choreographer for her Countdown Live 2012-2013, he was fired after the show and the relationship should be over.

Early 2013, an image was published together with a man of her 35th birthday celebration. Various fansites described him as her new friend, whose name was unknown at this time. As it became known later, he is 10 years younger than she, and studied medicine at the University of California at Los Angeles. In December 2013 their engagement was announced on March 3, 2014 and married them both. Ayumi announced this in a short tweet known "TA更新 し まし た-> Just married ☆" (Team Ayu update: -> Just married ☆ ).


Since the Dome Tour 2001 Ayumi suffered from a progressive deafness of the left ear. On 4 January 2008 she announced that her left ear is now complete and incurably deaf. However, they will not give up her singing career.


Back in 2000, Ayumi Hamasaki reached cult status when it comes to their fashion. Very often it is displayed in magazines such as CD Data, Girlpop, cawaii, ViVi, SCawaii or popteen. With its flamboyant style, she was the trendsetter of the Japanese youth. So oversized sunglasses or false fox tails were fashion again. Thus they also received some bizarre given awards. Three years in a row it was Japan's " fingernail Queen". She is also five times winner of the "Best Jeanist " award. Even a Barbie award she won.

In 2002 she was a representative for gems in Thailand, in 2006, she was elected best dressed singer in Japan's Oricon chart elections in the spring and summer. In 2007 she won this unofficial award for her hairstyles.

She was still spokeswoman for the cosmetics company KOSE Visee and for the phone company TU- KA. Ayumi appeared in the promotional video, and could simultaneously promote their new songs that ran in the background. Promotional Videos of Panasonic Corporation were also backed by the music from their current album or the current single. Since 2009 she has been seen in commercials and on billboards the Honda Company (Model ZEST Spark ) and the cosmetics company Rimmel.

Other activities

In October 2002, launched Ayumi's weekly television show " Ayu Ready? " On the Japanese station Fuji Television. Here they conversed with various Japanese artists in a fun round. Most fun games took place and local food were presented. 2003, a wooden house built for this mission on a beach, spectators could watch from the beach the broadcast. Due to falling ratings - also due to the late time for sending 23:30 bis 0:00 clock - the show was canceled in March 2004.

Article marketing Ayumi Hamasaki are not limited to the standard normal as T- shirts, bags, boxes or mobile trailers. Called Ayupan - - The release of the collectable figures it stands out from the crowd. The name Ayupan consists of her nickname " Ayu " and " Panda" together since Ayumi said in the first draft, the characters matched by the round face shape a panda. This approximately 5 cm large figures appear since 2002 to their concerts. Rare single figures to publications of CDs are produced. In Japan for the equivalent of about 3 to 4 dollars selling to reach as "rare " designated figures on the various auction sites such as eBay or Yahoo prizes of up to $ 250. Ayupan was also the title of a 19 -part anime series in 3-D style, were told in short stories for a younger audience. Ayus dogs came by such figures also honor. From their dogs Marron and Crea there are different sized versions as a plush toy.

It currently has more than 909,000 followers on the social network Twitter and more than 371,000 Likes information on Facebook.

Important Facts

  • She won at the 2001 World Music Awards the prize for the highest grossing in Asia.
  • In 2010, she was named by Forbes for the seventh richest singer in the world, with an estimated fortune of over 400 million U.S. dollars.
  • It is represented five times in the list of most expensive music videos of all time and thus holds the record.
  • With more than 50 million records sold it is the best-selling Japanese artist in Japan and ranked 3rd overall.
  • Your videos have more than 70 million views on YouTube, which makes them one of the few Asian artists who have managed this.


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  • 2001: A Best
  • 2003: A Ballads
  • 2007: A Best: White
  • 2007: A Best: Black
  • 2008: A Complete: All Singles
  • 2012: A Summer Best


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