Azkoitia is a municipality in the Basque province of Gipuzkoa (Spain). With 11,463 inhabitants (as of 1 January 2013) and 55.4 km ² Azkoitia is one of the most important towns in the comarca Urola -Costa.


Azkoitia situated at an altitude of 113 m above sea level. M. ( community center ) Urola River, about three kilometers west of Loyola, with the homonymous Basilica and the birthplace of the founder of the Catholic Jesuit order Ignatius of Loyola is located. The town is surrounded to the north by the mountain chain Izarraitz ( 1026 m) and in the south by mountain Samino (932 m).


For the first time Azkoitia was first mentioned in 1324, when the Castilian king Alfonso XI. the municipal law forgave. Before the city was founded was called the settlement area Iraurgi.


Industrialization began late, but there was already a tradition in metal production. Therefore Azkoita is strongly influenced by the metal working industry, which is reflected partly in the cityscape.


Azkoitia is known for a number of excellent players of Basque pelota game. Especially Atano III, of this sport like no other dominated over 20 years, is regarded by many as the best Pelotari in history.

Pictures of Azkoitia