Bachelor Mother

The Findelmutter (OT: Bachelor Mother ) is an American comedy film starring Ginger Rogers from 1939 The film is a remake of the German production of Little Mommy 1935..


The fun-loving Polly Parrish has been employed over the Christmas holidays as a temporary assistant in Merlin 's Department Store. On the way home from work she sees a woman is about to abandon her infant from an orphanage. Passersby get the wrong impression, however, that Polly is the baby's mother. All protest is futile, the authorities explain Polly for biological mother. At work, the news for a scandal ensures, as Polly neither a legitimate producers still can show a marriage certificate. The son of the company owner, David Merlin, falls in love with Polly, which now develops real feelings for the infant. Things complicate itself, as J. B. Merlin, the father of David, have to assume that his son is the biological father of the child. Several complications later marry David and Polly and plan to adopt the baby legally.


After a total of ten films together on the side of Fred Astaire Ginger Rogers sought a solo career. Despite some success, preferably in light comedies, the tension of Rogers at the box office was not so strong that the studio wanted to meet their demands for dramatic roles. It was producer Pandro S. Berman, the middle of 1939 had the idea to film the new German film Little Mommy from 1935 with Ginger Rogers. The actress was initially not done much. Firstly, they wanted to finally make a name with highly dramatic roles. In addition, Rogers was the basic premise for an unmarried woman who is believed to be the mother of a child, morally questionable. Only after persistent persuasion Rogers took over the role. The studio first tried Cary Grant or Douglas Fairbanks Jr. for the male lead to win, before David Niven was awarded the contract. The film proved to be at the box office to be very popular and was with a profit of more than 950,000 U.S. dollars by far the most successful production of the year for RKO.

The studio filmed the story in 1956 under the title Bundle of Joy with Debbie Reynolds and Eddie Fisher. At the same time a number of radio plays have been produced that has picked up the idea.


At the Academy Awards in 1940, the film received a nomination in the category: