Baden IV c

The vehicles of the type IV c of the Grand Ducal Baden State Railways were passenger locomotives.


Within the procurement of 1'B locomotives from the early 1870s, the locomotives of Class IV c were obtained in a total of eight series delivery. The machines were used primarily on routes with a stronger gradient in black and in the Odenwald. Therefore, some of the locomotives were given a Riggenbach counter-pressure brake.

Design features

The locomotives were similar to the dimensions of the genus largely IV b. However, it has to dispense with the double frame that has been replaced by a simple sheet-metal frame. The locomotive had a very short wheelbase and had thus already a good Bogenläufigkeit. However, the barrel axis had a side game of 10 mm. The provision was about double inclined surfaces. The grate area of the firebox had been very small, consequently the steam generation was not satisfactory. Attempts fin tubes made ​​no improvements. The large steam dome sat on the rear boiler shot.

The external wet steam engines had internal slide. The drive was carried out on the first coupled axle. The wheels were cushioned with overhead leaf springs, which were connected by a compensating lever between the dome wheels.

The vehicles were equipped with a Tender senders of types 2 T 8 or T 2 6.67. Some locomotives were equipped with up-to reverse the tender cabs. They could also be used on routes without a hub.