Bates Motel (Film)

Bates Motel is an American television film directed by Richard Rothstein from the year 1987. He is a production of Universal TV in the rental of the National Broadcasting Company ( NBC) and had its television premiere in the United States. In Germany, on 5 July 1987, the film in November 1987 published by CIC Video VHS. His television debut in Germany, the film had until 29 October 2005.


Norman Bates learns in the hospital the younger Alex West know and bequeathed to him his motel. Alex spent a lot of time and effort to prepare the meantime strongly rundown motel again. He learns it by the young and attractive Willie help. During construction, the corpse of Mrs. Bates is found and buried. Alex is plagued by nightmares from now on, in which he sees corpses that do not exist. Even Mrs. Bates ' rocking chair is made up as if by magic in motion. Ultimately, it turns out that Alex will be sold by the estate of Bates, which, however, thanks to the support of Willie and Henry Watson fails.

Action info

  • The film takes on Alfred Hitchcock's Psycho reference. This Bates Motel has no connection whatsoever to the Psycho sequels II, III and IV, but builds directly on Hitchcock's original from 1960. Also the film falls by its happy ending out of the frame of the Psycho movies.
  • Also, unlike in the movies Psycho Bates Motel is limited to horror and shock scenes and contains neither the density of the originals nor the psychological framework.


  • Filming took place in Burbank, Los Angeles and Universal City Studios California, USA.
  • It was a planned series of the same name, the open end and Alex's EndDialog with the viewers themselves can recognize this. In fact, it was realized in the final film, the basic structure of two episodes. But ultimately Bates Motel was a flop and so a series never came about.
  • Bates Motel was produced for A & E Network, which is now working on a second attempt its prequel series. On January 13, 2012 it was announced that the planned series will also carry the title Bates Motel and you have Anthony Cipriano obliged for a screenplay. Further details are currently unknown.

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