BBC Radio 5 Live Sports Extra

BBC Radio 5 Live Sports Extra is a digital radio program of the BBC. He is the partner station BBC Radio 5 Live, with the transmitter Studios, moderators and management shares.


The program went on the air on 2 February 2002 and focuses on sports coverage. As the only program of the BBC will not broadcast around the clock, but can be received only during transmissions. Also the internet live stream is interrupted between transmissions.

Is sent from the Quay House in MediaCityUK in Salford.

Known shipments

On BBC Radio 5 Live Sports Extra, among other things cricket transmissions in the broadcast Test Match Special will be broadcast that are parallel to listen to the long wave frequencies from BBC Radio 4. Also, here football games, car races in the Formula 1 and horse racing are commented.


BBC Radio 5 Live Sports Extra can be heard on DAB, via satellite and via live stream on the Internet.

BBC Radio 5 live Olympics Extra

During the 2012 Summer Olympics in London, there was a special program that was aired under the name BBC Radio 5 live Olympics Extra via DAB and online and the only reports brought from the games. It supplemented the coverage of BBC Radio 5 Live and BBC Radio 5 Live Sports Extra. The program was heard for legal reasons only within UK.