The hamlet Bendern lies west of the embedded Eschnerberg. Together with the place Gamprin it forms the municipality Gamprin, the third smallest of the country Liechtenstein. The total area of ​​6.14 km ² is Bendern, the site currently has 1356 inhabitants (as at 30 June 2004).

The church hill Bendern is an important for the history of the country place. On the church hill, the men from the lower Liechtenstein sworn on March 16, 1699 for the first time the Prince of Liechtenstein loyalty.

In 1932, the English nobleman Maurice Arnold de Forest by the Liechtenstein Prince Franz I was raised to Earl of Bendern and appointed diplomatic adviser to the Principality.

The industrialization of Liechtenstein has also been introduced in Gamprin and Bendern. In earlier rather peasant village are today over 100 companies working with about 1800 jobs in the different areas. The place is also home to the patrimonial oriented Liechtenstein Institute ( LI) for related research Liechtenstein and the International Academy of Philosophy (IAP).