Benedicta Henrietta of the Palatinate

Benedicta Henrietta of the Palatinate- Philippine simmering ( born March 14, 1652 Paris, † August 12 1730 in Asnières -sur- Seine) was a titular Countess Palatine of the Rhine from the line of Pfalz- simmering and by marriage Duchess of Brunswick- Calenberg.


Benedicta Henrietta was the daughter of Prince Edward of the Palatinate (1625-1663) from his marriage to Anna (1616-1684), daughter of Carlo I Gonzaga, Duke of Mantua, Montferrat, Nevers and Rethel. Her father had gone to Paris in 1645 and converted to Catholicism in order to get married. So Benedicta Henrietta grew up, like her sisters Louise Marie and Anna Henriette, in Paris on Catholic.

They married on November 30, 1668 in Hanover, Duke Johann Friedrich of Brunswick- Calenberg ( 1625-1679 ), who in 1651 converted to the Catholic faith. On the occasion of the wedding, the opera L' Adelaide was the composer Antonio Sartorio premiered.

Benedicta drew on November 9, 1668 in Hannover, as an out given by Georg Friedrich Grimm copper engraving occupied. The bride brought many French courtiers, and thus began in Hanover a baroque bloom that was dominated French due to the origin of the Duchess. At her request, Johann Friedrich undertook French-style musicians formed, including the singer Anne Sophie Bonne. Likewise Benedicta Henrietta promoted the Italian opera and performed well yourself was considered modest and was satisfied when they " her books and her guitar had ". She supported her aunt Sophie at her church Reunionsbestrebungen.

After her husband's death in 1679 Benedicta Henrietta moved on with her daughters to the French court, where she lived as a guest of her cousin Elisabeth Charlotte. Later, she found refuge at her son- in Modena, but treated them badly, so she returned to France and lived with her sister Anna Henriette de Condé. She was in correspondence with Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz, which her husband had brought to the court of Hanover.


From their marriage Benedicta Henrietta had the following children:

  • Anna Sophie (1670-1672)
  • Charlotte (1671-1710)
  • Henriette Maria Sophie (1672-1757)
  • Wilhelmine Amalie (1673-1742)