Edward, Count Palatine of Simmern


Edward was a son of the Elector Frederick V of the Palatinate (1596-1632) from his marriage to Elizabeth Stuart (1596-1662), daughter of King James I of England. Edward was born in The Hague, where his parents had fled after the loss of the Bohemian crown.

He was brought up a Calvinist but converted in 1645, to the chagrin of his mother, to Catholicism so he could Anna Gonzaga ( 1616-1684 ), a daughter of Carlo I Gonzaga, Duke of Mantua, Montferrat, Nevers and Rethel married, he had met on a trip to the French court. The marriage took place secretly on April 24, 1645 and the change of religion caused some loss of face in Edward's brother, the Protestant Elector Karl Ludwig I. of the Palatinate. Because of his conversion, against his Protestant relatives decided was going to Edward turned to the Würzburg Prince- Bishop Johann Philipp von Schönborn, who should represent the inheritance and legal rights.

In late 1657 Edward 's sister Luise Hollandine had fled to France, which also moved to the Catholic faith through the influence of her brother and his wife. Edward lived until his death in Paris, where he died 37 years old.

Through his conversion Edward was excluded from the succession in the Palatinate. By the Act of Settlement of 1701 1714 the son of Edward's sister Sophie of the Palatinate as George I was crowned King of Great Britain. Edward's daughters, had been so also excluded as members of the Catholic faith of the English throne. Edward himself had been taken in spite of his religion in 1649 in the English Order of the Garter.


From his marriage Edward had the following children:

  • Marie Louise (1647-1679)
  • Anna Henriette Julie (1648-1723)
  • Son (1650-1651)
  • Benedicta Henrietta Philippine (1652-1730)