Anne Gonzaga

Anna Gonzaga (French Anne de Gonzague, Anne Gonzague de Clèves - Nevers ) (* 1616, † July 6, 1684 in Paris) was a noblewoman from the French branch of the Gonzaga family. She married Edward of the Palatinate and played a certain role during the time of the Fronde as opponent of Jules Mazarin. Later she was instrumental in marriage by Liselotte of the Palatinate with Philippe I de Bourbon, duc d' Orléans at.


She was the daughter of Carlo I Gonzaga, Duke of Nevers and Mantua and mother Catherine de Lorraine. One of her sisters was the queen of Poland Maria Luisa Gonzaga, a brother was Carlo II Gonzaga.

She was raised by Francisca by Chatre, the abbess of the Abbey Faremoutiers. First, it was, as was her younger sister Benedicte, provided for a life as a nun. After his father's death in 1637, Anna left the monastery.

They then lived at the court of Louis XIII. and Anne of Austria. She entertained a secret love relationship with Henri II de Lorraine, duc de Guise. There have been various claims that she would have even married him in spite of his clergy 's chosen as Archbishop of Reims. In fact, he received no papal dispensation. She married in 1645 Edward of the Palatinate, a son of Frederick V, the former " Winter King " of Bohemia. Her husband came for this reason to Catholicism.

During the reign of Queen Anne for the underaged Louis XIV and in the time of the Fronde, she played an influential role on the farm. At times they acted for Louis II de Bourbon, prince de Condé even against Mazarin. After Conde and others had been arrested, they should together with supporters of the Fronde have sparked an uprising in Paris, which led to Mazarin and Anne of Austria had to let the prisoners free. Thus, the second phase of the Fronde began.

Cardinal Jean -François Paul de Gondi, they estimated a as a political talent. My brother Charles Louis of the Palatinate used her diplomatic skills for negotiations at the French court. When they of Louis XVI. was not appointed to the Grand Mistress of Maria Theresa of Austria, she left the court and did not return until 1663 after the marriage of their daughter, Anna Henriette with Henri III. Jules de Bourbon, prince de Condé back.

She was instrumental in 1670 in bringing about the marriage of Liselotte of the Palatinate with Philippe I de Bourbon, duc d' Orléans, brother of Louis XIV

Through a dream, she was persuaded to abandon their courtly life. Instead, she lived a reclusive life of piety and devoted himself to charity and penance.


From her marriage to Edward of the Palatinate following children were born:

  • Marie Louise (1647-1679)
  • Anna Henriette Julie (1648-1723)
  • Son (1650-1651)
  • Benedicta Henrietta Philippine (1652-1730)