• 2003: Katarina Rebrača, Milica Gacin, Peđa Stojanović
  • 2004: Aleksandar Srećković, Ksenija Balaban
  • 2005-2007: Jelena Jovičić, Boda Ninkovic
  • 2008: Nina Radulovic, Đorđe Maričić, Kristina Radenković, Branislav Katić
  • 2009: Jovana Janković

The Beovizija ( Serbian Cyrillic Беовизија ) was a 2003 to 2009 annually -find music festival in Serbia, which was also the national finals for Serbia's representative at the Euro Vision Song Contest since 2007. Before that it was the Serbian semifinal before the joint competition with the Montenegrin participants.


The Beovizija is organized every year by the public broadcasting company RTS and aired on national television, via satellite and, since 2008, over the Internet. The event takes place every year in February-March 4000 -seat main hall of Sava Centar place in Belgrade.

The first Beovizija took place in 2003. Here Toše Proeski won with the song Cija Si. Since Serbia and Montenegro at the time but did not participate in the Euro Vision Song Contest, the title was not submitted to the EBU. After the country was ruled for 12 years from the singing competition due to the sanctions, the State Union of Serbia and Montenegro joined in 2004 for the first time again.

Since the Montenegrins the title Beovizija should take place at local patriotic sounding ( Beograd Evrovizija ) and the final round alternately in Belgrade and Podgorica, Serbia's semifinal Beovizija and the Montenegrin semifinals Montevizija was called. The finale was called Evropesma ( Evropjesma ).

Following the departure of Montenegro from the State Union of 2006, the Beovizija is a purely Serbian competition since 2007. That same year, the scoring system was reformed and relativized the influence of the jury. Now go into the evaluation, the televoting and the jury vote in equal parts a.

When Beovizija has become naturalized, that the Euro vision participants from the other ex- Yugoslav republics occur in the time between competition and rating.

Since 2007, follows after the finale a party under the motto mission euro vision, which is organized by the local ESC Fan OGAE Serbia.

Winner of Beovizija

K.T. = No participation ( 2003 Participation postponed, 2005 related to the contribution from Montenegro and 2006 Participation withdrawn because of differences )

  • Preliminary decision to Euro Vision Song Contest
  • Serbia in the Euro Vision Song Contest