Bethlehem (Pennsylvania)

Lehigh County Northampton County


Bethlehem is a city in eastern Pennsylvania, United States. It is located in Northampton and Lehigh counties. Bethlehem borders on the neighboring cities of Allentown and Easton and is part of the Lehigh Valley community. In the north of the Poconos, streamers are the Appalachian Mountains. By Bethlehem Lehigh River flows. In 2000, the city had 71,329 inhabitants.


Bethlehem was named on Christmas Eve of the year 1741 by Nikolaus Ludwig von Zinzendorf. The town was founded as the capital of the Moravian Church and Moravian Church in North America. The Brothers Bishop David Nitsch man is considered local founders. Until the 60s of the 18th century, the inhabitants of Bethlehem led to support a common household to the " messengers " or missionaries among the German immigrants and Indians. The place was closed until 1848 a settlement of the Moravians, and was administered by the church leadership. It was forbidden to live there, only members of the Moravian Church. After the American Civil War (1861-1865), the steel industry was built in the neighboring town of South Bethlehem, she came under the name Bethlehem Steel to world-wide reputation.


Already in 1742 was the Moravian College. It is the sixth oldest college in the USA.

Bethlehem is home to the Lehigh University.

Memorable people

  • Jeff Andretti (born 1964 ), race car driver
  • John Andretti ( born 1963 ), race car driver
  • Michael Andretti (born 1964 ), team owner and race car driver
  • Chuck Bednarik ( born 1925 ), American football player
  • Stephen Vincent Benét (1898-1943), writer
  • Breaking Benjamin, post-grunge band
  • H. D. (1886-1961), writer
  • Jonathan Frakes ( born 1952 ), actor
  • Carol Guzy ( born 1956 ), a press photographer
  • Donald Johnson ( born 1968 ), tennis player
  • Gelsey Kirkland ( born 1952 ), a ballet dancer
  • James Rumbaugh ( born 1947 ), computer
  • Lewis David von Schweinitz (1780-1834), botanist
  • Lauren Tamayo ( b. 1983 ), American cyclist
  • Jonathan Taylor Thomas ( born 1981 ), actor
  • Sage Karam (* 1995), race car driver

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