Bill Pilczuk

Bill Pilczuk (born 1971 in Cape May Point, New Jersey ) is a former American swimmer, who competed exclusively on the 50 -meter freestyle.


Pilczuks career frequently was the focus of public interest. He went through no college training programs that did not receive scholarships and was why it was not carried out by national experts. He attended a public high school in Erma, New Jersey, and then for two years, the Miami -Dade Community College - hoping to receive offers from a Division I school of the National Collegiate Athletic Association. He renounced in favor of a freshman at the SEC Championships and completed his studies magna cum laude.

His sporting breakthrough was the qualification for the World Swimming Championships in Rome in 1994. There, however, he could not secure the top places. During this time he lived in a three - residential community in Auburn, Alabama. His only sponsor was the swimming products manufacturer Speedo. The following year he made in the Argentine city of Mar del Plata attention with a silver medal at the Pan American Games. The end of 1995 his parents organized a charity evening to help with the money raised her son financially in the preparations for the 1996 Summer Olympics. There were about 5,000 U.S. dollars together. Pilczuk missed at the Olympic Trials in the United States, however, the qualification by five hundredths of a second.

The 50 -meter freestyle the Pan Pacific Swimming Championships in Fukuoka in 1997, he was against it - at the same time with the Puerto Rican Ricardo Busquets - decide for yourself. In December the same year he won in a swimming meeting a cash prize of $ 6,000 and was able to customize this hedging carefree and without financial worries the World Cup preparations. For the professional world as a complete surprise, he won at the World Swimming Championships in 1998 the title over 50 -meter freestyle in front of the big favorites, Olympic champion and defending champion at the distance Alexander Popov. After his victory, joked Bill Pilczuk, in Auburn one could sit down with the prize money of $ 36,000 for the rest of his life to rest. In addition to his international successes, Pilczuk also secured five national titles during his career.