Biru County

Biru ( Tib: ' bri ru rdzong, Tibetan: འབྲི་རུ་རྫོང, also: Driru ) is a county of the district of Nagqu in Tibet Autonomous Region of the People's Republic of China. It has an area of 11,680 km ². In 1990 Biru had 36,478 inhabitants, of whom 36 347 were Tibetans; 2003, the population had grown to about 50,000 inhabitants.

Administrative Divisions

At the community level, the circuit is composed of two large municipalities and eight municipalities. These are (official spelling / Chinese):

  • Greater community Biru比如 镇
  • Greater community Xagqu夏 曲 镇
  • Community Lainqu良 曲 乡
  • Community Caqu茶 曲 乡
  • Community Xamqu香 曲 乡
  • Community Yamqu羊 曲 乡
  • Community Qagzê恰 则 乡
  • Community Dagtang达 塘乡
  • Community Zala扎拉 乡
  • Community Paingar白 嘎 乡

Ethnic structure of the population Birus (2000)

At the census in the year 2000 45.222 inhabitants were counted in Biru.