BK Barons Kvartāls

2011/12: ( LBL2 ), intermediate 1st place

The BK Barons Riga is a basketball club from Latvia. He plays at the time (2012/ 13) in the BBL and in the LBL.

Name Changes


Founded in 1991 under the name " Princip " the club was one of the founders of the Latvian Basketball League ( LBL). In the early years the club was now under the name Lainers to win the Top 4 in Latvia without a title. In the 90s the club reached his greatest success in the 1998/99 season as one of the semi-final play-offs Latvian reached where you eliminated against " RBS Skals ". There followed several years of mediocrity in the Latvian league. His best time was the club in the years 2004-2010. During this time one reached in the LBL every year at least the semifinals. In this case, 2008 and 2010, the championship was won. Likewise, in 2008 the final of the Euro Challenge against Dexia Mons -Hainaut was recovered.

Season Overview


Former Players

  • Giedrius Gustas Lithuania
  • Lithuania Dainius Adomaitis
  • United States Dontell Jefferson
  • Latvia Kaspars Berzins
  • United States Demetrius Alexander
  • Latvia Armands Šķēle