Blaze (band)

The music group Blaze was founded in 1984 by musicians Josh Milan, Kevin Hedge and Chris Herbert in New Jersey, USA. The musicians met each other in the context of the church choir know. Herbert left the project again later, Milan and hedge developed its characteristic style of House, which has gospel, soul and Afrobeat influences.

Gained popularity the project through a remix of Lisa Stansfield hit " People Hold On. " In 1990, the first album was released, "25 Years Later". Since then, the musicians have released three more albums, plus countless singles. Especially in deep house circles, the project became internationally popular. The track " My Beat " ( remixed by DJ Misjah ) is one of their most successful titles.


  • 25 Years Later ( 1990/Motown )
  • Basic Blaze ( 1997/Slip 'n' Slide)
  • Productions ( 1999/Urban ) compilation of Blaze productions
  • The Many Colours of Blaze ( 1999/Slip 'n' Slide) compilation of Blaze productions
  • Natural Blaze ( 2001/Life Line)
  • Best of Blaze ( 2002/Handcuts Records) compilation of Blaze productions
  • Spiritually Speaking ( 2002/Slip 'n' Slide)
  • The Instrumentals Project ( 2004/Papa ​​Records)
  • Keep Hope Alive ( 2004/King Street Sounds ) as Underground Dance Artists United for Life