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Bohrium ( " eka- rhenium ") is an exclusively artificially produced chemical element with the element symbol Bh and atomic number 107 and is one of the Transactinoiden (7th period d-block ). All Bohrium isotopes are radioactive. It was named after the Danish physicist Niels Bohr ( not to be confused with boron).

Bohrium was the first occasion generated on October 6, 1976 by a Soviet team of researchers, led by Yuri Ts Oganessian at the Institute for Nuclear Research, Dubna in, but not recognized as such. The production is, therefore, officially the Society for Heavy Ion Research in Darmstadt back that the element at March 27, 1981 produced and proposed the name Nielsbohrium. It first bore the name Unnilseptium ( Symbol us ) and since the 1994 recommendation of the IUPAC its current name. It is also called Eka - rhenium.

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Classifications according to the Hazardous Substances Ordinance are not available because they only include the chemical danger and play a very minor role compared to the risks based on the radioactivity. Even the latter applies only when there is a relevant matter for that amount.