Bouglainval is a commune in the Eure -et -Loir in the Centre region. It belongs to the community association Communauté de communes of terrasses et Vallées de Maintenon. The 731 inhabitants (as of 1 January 2011) are (it) called Valbourgeois.


Bouglainval located 14 kilometers northeast of Chartres and 5.8 kilometers west of Maintenon. The location was in a valley its name to the place Bouglainval originated from bourg dans la vallée ( market town in the valley). The hamlet Théléville belongs to the community, however, is closer to Berchères -la- Maingot, a part of Berchères -Saint -Germain. Théléville is located on the Canal de l' Eure ( Eure channel ), during the reign of Louis XIV - built by Sébastien Le Prestre de Vauban to provide Versailles with water ( 1638 1715 ).


Bouglainval was mentioned in the 13th century for the first time as Seigneurie. The church of Saint -Martin, which dates from the 11th century, was destroyed during the Wars of Religion ( 1562-1598 ), and was later rebuilt.

The rue des Tirailleurs (Street of snipers ) is reminiscent of eleven soldiers of the 26th battalion of skirmishers sénégalais who died there on 16 June 1940, when they attempted to slow the advancing German army back end. Tirailleur designated in France in the First and Second World War, soldiers of the Light Infantry, who had been recruited in the French colonies.


The image of the church is dominated by forest and fields. It is grown mainly cereals and bred poultry.