Bourg -Saint- Maurice ( Franco-Provençal: Borg Sant Mori ) is a municipality with 7723 inhabitants (as of 1 January 2011 ) in the French Savoie département in the Rhône -Alpes. The capital of the canton of the same name is located on the riverside Isere in the upper part of the Tarentaise Valley, near the border with Italy. Above Bourg -Saint -Maurice is located in the south of the winter sports resort of Les Arcs.


The Romans founded the settlement Intrum mountain in the province of Alpes Graiae. According to the Antonine Itinerary it lay on the road between the towns of Mediolanum ( Milan) and Lugdunum (Lyon). Later, the Saint- Maurice was named after Saint Maurice; the part of the name Bourg appeared only in the 15th century.

After the conquest by the French troops of the place was called from 1794 Nargue - Sarde. When he came back in 1815 to the Kingdom of Sardinia, the old name was restored. 1861 came Bourg -Saint -Maurice finally to France.

With the expansion of winter sports resort Les Arcs started an economic boom in the 1960s. From 1962 to 2012, the seventh battalion of Chasseurs alpins was stationed in Bourg -Saint -Maurice. However, it was postponed as a result of restructuring after Varces what the relocation of approximately 2000 inhabitants brought with it ( soldiers and personnel with their families ).

Economy and Transport

The community is economically heavily dependent on tourism and the troops stationed here, which is why the service outweighs clear. On a whitewater facility in the Isère international canoe slalom competitions are held regularly, for example 2002, the World Championships. The alpine trail Tour du Mont- Blanc runs through the municipality belonging to the Vallée des Glaciers.

Bourg -Saint -Maurice is the starting point of the pass roads to Cormet de Roselend, the Col de l' Iseran and Col du Petit Saint -Bernard. The Route nationale 90 leads to Albertville and Grenoble. The train station of Bourg -Saint -Maurice is the terminus of the SNCF railway line through the Tarantaise to Albertville. Because of its high tourist importance it is served by TGV and Euro star trains, continuously operate the part up to London and Brussels. A funicular railway up in the high season ( December to April and July and August) the connection to Les Arcs ago.

Partner communities

Partner communities of Bourg -Saint -Maurice are Altensteig in the German state of Baden- Wuerttemberg and Pinon in the department of Aisne.

Population Development


  • Patrice Bianchi (born 1969 ), skier
  • Bertrand Blanc (born 1973 ), ski mountaineer
  • Hervé Gaymard (* 1960), politician
  • Ingrid Jacquemod (born 1978 ), alpine skier
  • Sophie Lefranc - Duvillard (* 1971), alpine skier
  • Guy Martin ( b. 1957 ), three -star chef
  • Sebastien Pichot ( born 1981 ), skier
  • Marine Rougeot (* 1986), biathlete