BT is an abbreviation for:

  • Construction technician, certified structural engineer
  • Bearbeitertag, unit of measure for job performance
  • Special Section, such as in the Criminal Code ( Germany )
  • Bottom Time, the base time ( diving)
  • Biotechnology, for example: BT- maize transgenic maize see


  • Bhutan, independent kingdom, landlocked country in South Asia as per ISO 3166-1
  • The post code area Belfast / Northern Ireland ( as the initial character of a postal code in the United Kingdom)


  • Bundestag, the Parliament of the Federal Republic of Germany


  • AirBaltic (proper spelling airBaltic ), state Latvian airline, based in Riga after the IATA code
  • Badisches daily paper, daily newspaper in central Baden
  • Bodensee- Toggenburg -Bahn, former, integrated in the Swiss South-East Railway Railroad Company
  • Bombardier Transportation GmbH, based in Berlin, manufacturers of rail vehicles, belonging to the Canadian company Bombardier
  • BT (newspaper), Danish tabloid
  • BT Berlin Transport GmbH, traffic operation
  • BT Group, a British telecommunications company

Information Technology:

  • BitTorrent file sharing protocol
  • Bluetooth, unofficial abbreviation, an industry standard for wireless networking of devices over short distances


  • Bibliotheca Teubneriana, number of scientific publications of the authors of classical antiquity


  • BT 5-25, Swiss Trolleybustyp
  • BT Series Bistrochodny tank, Russian for " Fast Tanks "


  • Brian Transeau, American electronic music producer

BT as distinguishing signs on license plate:

  • Bhutan: Taxis
  • Bulgaria: Oblast Waliko Tarnovo
  • Germany: county-level city and the district of Bayreuth Bayreuth
  • UK: Birmingham
  • Italy: Province of Barletta -Andria -Trani
  • Macedonia: Bitola
  • Netherlands: Trucks weighing more than 3.5 tonnes
  • Norway: Asker and Bærum in the province of Akershus
  • Romania: Botosani county
  • Sweden: Diplomatic India
  • Serbia: Backa Topola
  • Slovakia: Bratislava (not yet assigned)
  • Ukraine: Kherson Oblast
  • Belarus: Police in the Wizebskaja Woblasz

B & T is an abbreviation for:

  • Brügger & Thomet, Swiss arms manufacturer

Bt is an abbreviation for:

  • Bacillus thuringiensis, is produced as a suffix for, by this microorganism, toxins (Bt toxins ) as well as plants that these toxins may be produced by genetic modification itself is used
  • Baht currency in Thailand
  • Railway control to second class; see type names of the Swiss locomotives and railcars

. bt stands for:

  • . bt, country code top -level domain ( ccTLD) from Bhutan

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