Bundesverband der Deutschen Volksbanken und Raiffeisenbanken

The Federal Association of German Cooperative Banks and Raiffeisen Banken eV ( BVR) is the central organization of the cooperative banking group in Germany. Members are all 1.101 ( end of 2012) co-operative banks ( Volksbank, Raiffeisen banks, Sparda banks, PSD Banks, Church and Special Institute), cooperative central banks, the companies in the financial group and the cooperative auditing associations. The cooperative financial services group with total assets of 1.090 billion euros and employs approximately 160,000 employees ( end of 2013 ).

The BVR represents nationally and internationally the interests of the cooperative banking group. He coordinates and develops the common strategy of the People's Cooperative Banks and advises and assists its members in legal, tax and business issues.

When BVR is also the securing means of the cooperative financial group - the oldest privately-funded banking system in the world - located.

The BVR also ensures that its member banks are continuously informed about current economic and political developments affecting the banking industry. He is also editor of the bank information that appears in the DG VERLAG.

The European concerns support its own representation in Brussels.

The BVR is a member of the European Association of Cooperative Banks.

  • 2.1 Cooperative technology companies ( listed alphabetically )


Board of Directors

The Board consists of three members. He is elected by the Board and represents the BVR outward. Currently, the Board consists of the following persons:

  • President: Uwe Fröhlich ( in office since October 2008)
  • Gerhard P. Hofmann
  • Andreas Martin

Former Presidents of the BVR were:

  • Christopher Pleister ( term: 2000 - July 2008)
  • Wolfgang Grüger ( term: 1990-2000)
  • Bernhard Schramm ( term: 1980-1989 )
  • Felix Viehoff ( term: 1976-1980 )
  • Horst Baumann, Lawrence Falkenstein ( term: 1973-1976 )
  • Horst Baumann, Theodore sun man ( term: 1972-1973 )

Board of Directors

The Board of Directors consists of 12 members of the association board. He advises the Executive Board in bank- economic and banking policy questions, exercises oversight over the Board and monitors the Management Board of the safety device. Chairman of the Board is in accordance with the Statute of the respective Association Council President. Acting Chairman of the Board and Association Council is currently:

  • Carsten Graaf ( in office since the start of 2008 )

Former Board of Directors and Association Council President were:

  • Fritz Bokelmann ( term: 2003-2007)
  • Rainer Märklin ( term of office: -2002 )

Association board

The association board consists of up to 53 members. It determines the strategic direction of the composite. The Chairman of the Federation Council takes over with his choice in accordance with the Statute is also the chairperson of the Board.

General Assembly

In the General Assembly, each member institution is represented with one voice. The General Assembly shall meet at least once a year.

Auditing associations

  • Baden -Württemberg Cooperative Association eV ( BWGV )
  • Genossenschaftsverband Bayern eV (GVB )
  • Cooperative Association eV ( GV ) (Berlin / Hesse / North Germany / Rhineland -Palatinate / Saarland / Saxony / Saxony- Anhalt / Thüringen)
  • Rhenish- Westphalian Cooperative Association eV ( RWGV )
  • Cooperative Association Weser- Ems eV ( GVWE )
  • Association of PSD Banks
  • Association of Sparda banks

Cooperative technology companies ( listed alphabetically )

  • CardProcess GmbH
  • F -Call AG
  • Fiducia IT AG
  • GAD eG, IT for banks
  • IT Chain GmbH
  • ORGA Society for automatic data processing mbH
  • ParcIT GmbH
  • TSG Technology Services GmbH
  • VR Networks GmbH